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Age: 16
Where do you live?: Birmingham
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I got introduced to the Harriers through a friend at golf and got addicted from day one.
Good relationship between fans and players (mingle) at games.
First game?: In the Conference winning season.  I can't remember who against but we won 2-1 and Scott Stamps and Stewart Hadley scored.
Most memorable game?: First season in the league away at Cheltenham.  Tony Bird, Paul Webb and Drewe Broughton rounded off a great win.
Least memorable game?: Luton at home when we lost 4-1.  I'm sure Stuart Brock would agree.
Favourite present player?: Sean Parrish - great box to box midfielder, never shirks a tackle and can put the ball away.
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh - absolute class.
Least favourite present player?: None of them.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne, the coffin dodger.
Where do you sit/stand?: Behind the goal.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Being realistic - the lad we have on trial, Bernard Narada, he looks class.  But in dream land David Beckham so we would sell out every game.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To become financially safe and healthy and to eventually gain promotion to division 2 in the next 2 years.

Chris Richards
Age: 41
Where do you live?: Redditch
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I live in Worcs and believe in supporting a Worcs team although I have worrying leanings towards West Brom.
I can't get into The Hawthorns these days so a trip to Aggborough is my weekly fix.
First game?: Way back in the 70's v Cardiff in The Welsh Cup.
Can't remember the score though...Think it was 2-2!
Most memorable game?: Any against Rushden, I love playing them.  The 2-0 promotion match was a gem and so was last seasons 2-2 cup tie.
Least memorable game?: I can't remember, only because it wasn't that memorable.  Any 0-0 I s'pose.
Favourite present player?: Bo Henriksen...love the hair!
Favourite past player?: Mr Kidderminster.  Phil Mullen.
Least favourite present player?: It was Drewe Broughton (a real liability) but since he's moved on no-one really.
Least favourite past player?: Drewe Broughton!
Where do you sit/stand?: Town End.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Roman Abramovich...He's going to do wonders for Chelsea.
Maybe he could get Kiddy into the top 7!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Just keep entertaining and a few promotion seasons would be nice (a trip to Cardiff would be great).

Craig Jonsson
Age: 17
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: A friend told me to come to one of the games on a Saturday for a laugh.   Since that day we beat Hednesford Town 3-0 in 2000 I have become addicted to the Harriers.
First game?: It was in 1993 sometime, it was against Merthyr Tydfil.   I think we won that game 2-0.  I was part of some Beaver Scout Group and I got in for free.
Most memorable game?: It was against Rushden of course.  When we won the Conference in 2000.  I was in the North Stand and giving Billy Turley a lot of grief!
Least memorable game?: Losing to Carlisle is just normal, so those games do not count.
Favourite present player?: Danny Williams - he puts everything into every game.
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh, a brilliant captain.  If we did not have him we would still be in the Conference.
Least favourite present player?: Drewe Broughton has left now so I don't have any negative thoughts against any of the players.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne - say no more!
Where do you sit/stand?: Town End/North Stand - whatever you want to call it!
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: When West Brom are fed up with Lee Hughes! he can come back here! he was much better at Aggborough.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Winning the Champions League 10 times.  Oh lets be realistic 'Staying in the League!'

Shropshire Red
Age: 40
Where do you live?: Highley
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Kiddy is my home town, I started going mid sixties when we played Redditch, Alvechurch and similar size teams.
It is now a measure how far we have come when sides like Huddersfield (a top division side in the sixties) are due to come.
First game?: Can't remember.  Around 1966/67 season.
Most memorable game?: Rushden away couple of seasons ago.  Last away game won 2-0.
Rushden home Conference, league here we come.
Also remember a cup replay (not FA) when we beat Alvechurch 7-1 after a 2-2 draw on the Saturday, about 1971 I guess.
Least memorable game?: Shrewsbury away lost 4-0 Rodgers hat trick.
Wrexham.  Welsh cup final replay at Aggie, drew down there, a goal up through Kim Casey, then a gentlemen called Jim Steel scored twice.
Favourite present player?: Danny Williams or Bo Henriksen.
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh, Peter Wassall or John Henderson.
Least favourite present player?: Don't like to criticise too much.  The game is difficult enough without criticising your own.
Least favourite past player?: I suppose Barry Horne.  Overpaid, negative and miserable when you saw him in the bar after.
Where do you sit/stand?: Last three seasons I have sat just around half way.
This season a bit of sitting and back to the roots behind the goal.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Proven goal scorer.  Alan Shearer, Ruud Van Nistelrooy?
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Too many to mention.  Better crowds, more support from local business.
Eventually starting to climb the ladder.

Age: 18
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I became hooked after my first game, which was in the FA Cup against West Ham.
Its local, a good laugh and kept me away from mischief on Saturday afternoons!
First game?: West Ham at home in the FA Cup 5th round.  8000 fans inside Aggy, Lee Chapman headed West Ham into the next round.
Most memorable game?: The West Ham game because of the FA Cup run, Rushden at home in the 'Conference title decider', Woking away, Torquay at home.
Can't forget beating Cheltenham 3-1 away to end their play off hopes!
Least memorable game?: There's a few, the Boston games last year, and the Carlisle FA Cup game.  I think the game with Stevenage when we lost 3-1 gets the vote!
We were that bad, I cant remember anything from that game!
Favourite present player?: Danny Williams, gives it his all, a quality player, its a good job he stayed in the summer!
Favourite past player?: Hard to pick one out, Lee Hughes, Kim Casey, Paul Davies, Mike Marsh and Marcus Bignot are all 'Legends' here.
Least favourite present player?: Sam Shilton - I find him very frustrating.
Players like Graham Ward and John Williams have also got a lot to prove.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne - didn't give a toss and a mercenary.
Didn't think much of Andy Ducros, Nigel Niblett, Stewart Hadley, Steve Taylor or Fraser Digby either
Where do you sit/stand?: Back of the North Stand
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Ruud Van Nistelrooy, we need a striker who scores a lot of goals.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Stay up this year, and re-build the squad so we can be a top half team and challenge for a top 7 finish.
We cant do that with the current squad.

Jason Evans
Age: 22
Where do you live?: Oakamoor, Staffs
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Why not??  I have supported Harriers since 1994.
First game?: Can't remember but I'm sure I have the programme in my collection somewhere.
Most memorable game?: Away at Woking in 2000, dancing on top of the dugout while a Shuttle photographer got dragged down.
Then the Forest Green game a couple of days later and leaving the Harriers Arms the next morning.
Least memorable game?: Any of the WSC games.  Is there any point nowadays.
Favourite present player?: Don't know at the moment but would say John Danby, just from what I've heard about him.
Favourite past player?: Has to be Lee Hughes or Delwyn Humphreys.
Least favourite present player?: Abdou Sall, what a waste of time and money.
Least favourite past player?: Andy Ducros.  I still don't understand why we constantly waste money with idiots!
Where do you sit/stand?: I don't any more due to the fact I work away.  But I always follow via the websites.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Darius Vassell, he hasn't reached his peak yet!!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Retain League 2/Div 3 Status.
The return of Lionel Newton.
A good FA Cup run

Sea Harrier
Age: 27
Where do you live?: Ascension Island, South Atlantic.
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Simply because they're my home town team (I suppose technically I should really support Bromsgrove Rovers as that's where I was born but you have to have some standards)
First game?: I went with the cubs in 1986 I think and remember sitting on the old wooden benches in the main stand but can't remember the opposition - might have been Welling).
I still treasure the post-match autographs I collected that day from stars such as Martin Woodall and Malcolm Hazelwood.
My first 'proper' match was with my Dad to see the Trophy semi-final against Fareham after which we were both hooked.
Most memorable game?: Without a doubt the FA cup win over the Blues, although with the adrenalin pumping it was all a bit blurry, especially after Purdie's strike.
Followed by the novelty of hearing Harriers making the headlines on Radio 5.
Least memorable game?: For 89 minutes I would have to say standing in the freezing drizzle on the bank behind the goal away at Doncaster Rovers in 2000.
However, after two bundled goals at the far end that I could hardly make out, I sang all the way home finally believing that we were going to win promotion.
Other than that, I know I witnessed a particularly disheartening performance away at Telford United earlier that season that I've managed to all but completely erase from my memory.
Favourite present player?: Don't know hardly any of the current crop but will confidently pick Wayne Hatswell.
Favourite past player?: So many potential candidates!  After much deliberation, the original Fozzie is just pipped by Mike Marsh who, although only here for a short time, had such a massive impact on the team.
Least favourite present player?: Abdou Sall - I never rated him the first time he was here.  The common opinion at the time was that he was raw but I just thought he was useless, which now seems to be the general consensus.
Least favourite past player?: Again many candidates but one who springs to mind is Mark Whitehouse, who was a very poor man's Kim Casey with a bucket of water.
Where do you sit/stand?: Now homeless since the demise of the cowshed.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: A quality central defender to shore up the defence
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: 1)  Avoid administration/liquidation
2)  A return to being the friendly and approachable club that originally attracted me
3)  Avoid relegation

Lord K
Age: 29
Where do you live?: In a house
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Because they are in my blood having watched them from a young age.    Supporter for 20 seasons.
First game?: Sometime in 1986.    Can't remember details.
Most memorable game?: Rushden at home 2000.    Or Gateshead away March 1993.
Least memorable game?: The last one we lost.
Favourite present player?: Iyseden Christie.
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh - Won us the league in 1999/2000.
Least favourite present player?: Laurie Wilson - He is pants.
Least favourite past player?: Stuart Brock - Idolised for being crap and that narked me.
Where do you sit/stand?: East Stand.    I have my own seat.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Rubbish question - Not answering that.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To avoid relegation in season 2005/2006.

Tom Reece
Age: 15
Where do you live?: Droitwich
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Well I used to go on and off whenever I had nothing better to do but then last year when Shaun Cunnington became manager we started to go to every game to support him.
The first game was Boston at home where we lost 4 - 0.    From that day I didn't look back and went to every game for the remainder of the season, bar Rushden away.
First game?: 6/11/04    Boston 0 - 4
Most memorable game?: Winning at Notts County 3 - 1
Least memorable game?: Losing at Macclesfield 2 - 0
Favourite present player?: Wayne Graves
Favourite past player?: Shaun Cunnington
Least favourite present player?: Terry Fleming
Least favourite past player?: Kenny Coleman
Where do you sit/stand?: John Smiths (East) Stand
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Any centre midfielder - got to be better than Terry Fleming
Izale McLeod (MK Dons) - natural goalscorer
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: 1) Stay in the Conference
2) Win the LDV
3) Get promoted by 2008

Age: 17
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: When I was a young lad, the story went that, when ever my Dad wanted to go to the football, the deal with my Mum was that I had to go to, much to my annoyance at that age! and probably anyone else who was sat next to a four year old at a game!
First game?: I have visions of Runcorn in 1993, that's the furthest back I can think of.
Most memorable game?: Easily the Rushden game at home in 2000.    I was a bag of nerves all the way through that match until we got the second.
I'm tempted to say Woking away when we officially won the title, I don't think a defeat has been celebrated like that ever before.
Least memorable game?: Swansea at home in our relegation season.    To lose 5-1 and to see such a disjointed side that didn't resemble what the Harriers stood for was a pretty low point for me.
Favourite present player?: God, that's a tough one with the shower we have got at the moment!    I'm going to have to say Russ Penn, seems committed enough, not much else really to say.
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh at a canter!    Single handedly got us promoted; a Premiership player in the Conference.
Least favourite present player?: GARETH SHELDON!!!    Absolute disgrace to the footballing profession!
Least favourite past player?: Can't really think of any to be honest but Kelvin Langmead isn't exactly flavour of the month after his gesture to us at Shrewsbury.
Where do you sit/stand?: Town End of course!
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Unrealisticly? Steven Gerrard, pure class.    In the real world, probably Chris Beardsley! gutted he left us last season, one of the few who cared, and it's a shame he broke his leg and hasn't featured at all for Mansfield this season.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To get back to the nice club we once had, continuity on the pitch, players staying longer than 1 season, fans to get behind Mark Yates, and to start playing passing football.

Wee Jimmy McCue
Age: 30
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: My cousin Jonny took me up to Aggborough for England v Eire Semi Pro international.    I enjoyed the day so wanted to go again.    I had only been to the Albion a few times before that as my Dad and cousins were Albion fans.
First game?: Not sure? But first game at Aggborough I'm pretty sure was the Semi pro international.
Most memorable game?: Blues away 1994.    It had everything.
Least memorable game?: I can't remember it!
Favourite present player?: Ask me again next season!    If I have to choose then possibly Johnny Mullins although I don't think he's been as good as his last stint here.
Favourite past player?: Kim Casey, absolute quality.    I was also a big fan of Kevin Willets.
Least favourite present player?: Perm one from about eight!
Least favourite past player?: Daire Doyle!    Although to be fair as he was a "professional" footballer it still gives me hope that one day I will become one!
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand; but occasionally in the Board Bangers Corner.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Me, because I want to play for them.    I'm not the best but I would give 100%.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To get back to being the friendly club I thought they were in the past.
To see pro-active personnel employed who know how to sell a football clubs products.
For the board to stop treating it's supporters with contempt.    They must realise they need us as much as we need them.
For me to win the lottery and sensibly employ people that will take the club forward, a la Crewe Alexandra.

Age: 25
Where do you live?: Montevideo, Uruguay
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Probably for the more embarassing of reasons: when I was 20 I made the Harriers my team in a manager game (CM I think)
Since then I've been playing with them and, obviously, this has created a bond.    Pretty soon the bond grew strong after I started searching all over the internet for every little piece of information that I could find about the team.    I have the quick links in the Firefox to many Harriers sites (this one is the best, of course!) and I keep myself informed this way.
I really like this team and now that I've a friend in Ireland I'm hoping to make the jump and go to Aggborough when I get the chance to visit him.
First game?: Next season maybe?
Most memorable game?: The next one I see
Least memorable game?: Pass
Favourite present player?: Hard to tell.    While I'm writing this Mark Yates is changing the whole team.
Let's hope that Johnny Mullins stays around (quite a longshot)
Favourite past player?: Tough call since I have never seen anyone play in person.
From what I've read I would go with the ones that have shown that are true Harriers: Ian Foster, for example.    I also liked Jesper Christiansen
Least favourite present player?: As I said, there are only 12 players in the team right now.    Hard to choose one
Least favourite past player?: John Danby.    Disappointing player.    Let's hope that he doesn't break through in Chester
Where do you sit/stand?: Never been there
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Graham Hockless and Lloyd Dyer have been quite good for my team in FM 2005! :)
I would resign Jamie Gleeson and give him a chance or just bring Johnny Mullins for good.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: League Two, the sooner the better.

Age: 13
Where do you live?: Blakedown
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Because the whole of my Grandads side of the family have supported them since the 1920's.
First game?: Well, Vs Woking to be historically correct but I can't remember much about it
One that I can remember would be Vs Rochdale, Boxing Day 2001 when we won 4-1.
Most memorable game?: Vs Wolves in the FAC in 2004 or Leyton Orient 2003 Boxing Day.
FAC game because of the fact that there was a atmosphere about the place that we could do it and the Orient game because of Bo Henriksens goal.
Least memorable game?: Vs Grimsby when we lost 4-1 in our last season in League 2.
Favourite present player?: Luke Reynolds or Russ Penn, great lads and good players as well and Russ Penn went to my school.
Favourite past player?: 'Bomber' Bo Henriksen. Nothing says legend like that name.
Least favourite present player?: Jeff Kenna probably. Very much past it in my eyes.
Least favourite past player?: Fraser Digby. Kicked Brocky out of the team and produced some poor displays but another reason for my hate of him is that I liked Stuart Brock.
Where do you sit/stand?: East Stand with my Grandad and mates, when they turn up.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Bo Henriksen. Anything to see him back in the Red and White shirt of the Harriers.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To go up via Playoffs this season and win the FA Trophy at Wembley.

Age: 21
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I do have to confess to being a Man Utd fan as well but Kidderminster is my home town, only right I should support them.
First game?: When I was at school the Harriers came round one day, Nick Griffiths and a few players (when we were still P/T) and did a coaching session. From there I went to a soccer 'school' in the summer hols, where I was given a free match ticket.
My first game was against Witton Albion, at home, I stood in the Town End, and we won 1-0, November 1993 (IIRC!)
From then me and my Dad went a lot, him more than me, he became a season ticket holder, I was still a boy, and quite naive, so I stuck to armchair supporting Man Yoo.  Now, in a sense, I'm a fully fledged adult [debatable..Phil..] I'm back at Aggborough, got the Harriers bug big time, and I now do as many away days as possible.
Most memorable game?: Woking away, 1999/2000, we lost, but it didn't matter, we were promoted!
Least memorable game?: The least memorable game is one I can't remember....lol.
But the one I want to forgot the most is last seasons home defeat to Grays Athletic where we lost 5-0, poor game, and don't get me on John Danby!
Favourite present player?: Simon Russell.
Favourite past player?: Delwyn Humphreys.
Least favourite present player?: Jonny Harkness.
Least favourite past player?: John Danby, Dwaine Lee and Drewe Broughton
Where do you sit/stand?: Next to Lord K in the East Stand, big up to the East Stand Massif!
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Odd question this.... Kaka or Cristian Ronaldo....but that's a silly thought.
Ryan Giggs maybe! I could go on forever!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: That we move to a new ground, and keep progressing.
Championship in 10 years? Premiership in 15? Champions League one day?

Age: 29
Where do you live?: Swansea
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: First football team I ever saw play and they were my local team!
First game?: Oh dear! If memory serves it was a 1-1 draw at Aggborough with either Welling or Farnborough in the very early 90's.
Most memorable game?: FA Cup away Birmingham City.
Least memorable game?: My first one by the look of it.
Favourite present player?: Well due to the distance I live away, having two young kids and a missus who works Saturday's I have not seen a Harriers game for 4 years....so I like....er...Scholesy.
Favourite past player?: Jon Purdie and Chris (just when you thought it was safe to come out) Brindley.
Least favourite present player?: Again...er....the other one....how can I judge!
Least favourite past player?: I could not stand Barry Horne - what a waste.
Where do you sit/stand?: I used to be in the North Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: I wouldn't! Can I just win the Euro Millions and buy Kiddy and then let Mark Yates decide?
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: That I win the Euro Millions and so on and so forth.

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