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Howww Much!!!
Age: 37
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: From my first visit to Harriers the humour and friendliness of the place was apparent. It is not always the case, but mostly storms in teacups!
What you see is what you get at Kidderminster, I am not a fan of the Premiership and all the overpaid hype. Good honest football with good honest people.
First game?: Before I became a regular season ticketed pain in the backside, I used to drift into the town end from time to time when I was around. Having also drifted in and out of Hednesford and Walsall at the time. Still cant shake off the Hednesford thing though!
My first game was a night game sometime in the mid Nineties, Bloody newbies eh!! We lost.
Most memorable game?: In most recent times when the roof was lifted off of Aggborough stadium when John Williams scored against Wolves in the FA Cup. The heartbreak when Rae equalized! Not good for the blood pressure but was worth the controversial ticket price in the end.
Least memorable game?: The two trips to Hull City's new KC Stadium. Not just because we got tanked big time on both occasions, but I went drinking with Tiger Hats in the club before and was too intoxicated to remember much!
Favourite present player?: You would expect me to put Andy White here wouldn't you?
They are all good lads and the quality is improving, close call between Whitehead and Creighton.
Favourite past player?: Not been around as long as some so the total legends I did not see much of. The pairing of Bo Henriksen and Drewe Broughton.
Least favourite present player?: That number 12. He never trains is useless and needs to shed a few pounds!
Least favourite past player?: Rueben Hazell - Blatant rip off merchant (rhyming slang if you like) with no desire for Harriers what so ever.
Where do you sit/stand?: I sit in the Main Stand the only place to sit when the sun is out!
I may wander over to the East Stand for cup games, it has even been known for me to stand up!!
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: A big midfielder!
Any bargains that come our way. Lee Hughes will be looking to get fit soon!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: At this moment in time I would above all else like to see us back in the League and holding our own on a sound financial footing in League 2. If the future allows us to go further then great.
Cups would be nice but at the moment I would prefer Coca Cola's money.

Age: 27
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: They're better than all the rest.
First game?: Back in 1983, I don't who we played.
Most memorable game?: Torquay Utd. Our first game in the Football League when Stewart Hadley scored our first league goal.
Least memorable game?: Being relegated.
Favourite present player?: Gavin (Trigga) Hurren.
Favourite past player?: Micky Touhy.
Least favourite present player?: James Constable.
Least favourite past player?: Darren Steadman.
Where do you sit/stand?: Anywhere in the North Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Steve Bull. Great player in his time.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To be back in the Football League in the next 3/4 years.

Age: 12
Where do you live?: Stourbridge
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: My first game was against Southport where we won 5-0 so it all started there.
First game?: As above.
Most memorable game?: Both matches against Wolves in the cup, terrific atmosphere and for most of it we outplayed them.
Least memorable game?: 5-0 away at Doncaster. Cold Friday night and it was snowing.
Favourite present player?: Simon Russell.
Favourite past player?: Mikel Anton Curier. Joking.
Probably Danny Williams great tough tackler and his goal at Cheltenham was pure class.
Least favourite present player?: Andy White. Good with his head but bad first touch.
Least favourite past player?: Jon Beswetherick.
Where do you sit/stand?: Main Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Leo Messi to play on the left as I don't rate Michael Blackwood.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Champions League, FA Cup, but promotion to the Football League and an FA Trophy win will do fine.

Age: 13
Where do you live?: Hartlebury
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Because obviously they're local and they are the only team I've ever been to see, at the moment anyway!
First game?: 0-1 Hartlepool United. I went with my mate, can't remember much of the game. I think it was the Harriers first season in the league.
Most memorable game?: 4-0 Scarborough, FA Trophy 1st round at Aggborough, 05-06. Have never seen a better performance, although our win over Droylsden this year does come close!
Least memorable game?: When Aldershot wiped the floor with us at home in a 4-1 defeat last season (05-06). We were awful! Four down at half time.
Favourite present player?: Either Gavin 'Trigger' Hurren or Russ Penn.
They give their all in every game, just like what we want to see.
Favourite past player?: Dean Keates. Me and my Dad both thought he was superb, pity we don't have him now, we could use someone of his ability in the midfield.
Also Mark Jackson. One of the best defenders I think I've ever seen at this standard of football. A real defensive rock.
Least favourite present player?: Gary Hay. Can't fault his effort but he just doesn't look Conference standard.
Least favourite past player?: Gareth Sheldon. Again, like Gary Hay, lots of effort, no end product, but I think he's better than where he is now, Halesowen.
What's he doing down there when he was playing for Hereford earlier this season?
Where do you sit/stand?: I sit in the East Stand round about the half way line and I stand in the North Stand. I like a bit of variety.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Samuel Eto'o. We need an half decent striker to put the ball in the net 15-20 times a season.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: An FA Trophy victory this season and promotion to League 2 next season, although if we could make the play-offs this year that would be even better, but I strongly doubt it!

Age: 19
Where do you live?: Aberystwyth term-time, Kidderminster every other time
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: It's a family heirloom, so to speak. Great-great grand-parents were there when it was Hoobrook Olympic, and I am just the latest generation to support my home-town team, the pride of Worcestershire.
Also, perhaps because of the liquid/solid (delete as applicable) refreshments on sale from Murdoch's Kitchen!
First game?: I had attended on odd occasions throughout the early 90's - mostly at 'glory-hunter' games, but I'm too young to remember the action.
The first game I can definitely remember was Gateshead at home on 20th April 1996 - we drew 1-1, and I recall us scoring at the town end - with a powerful bench of Mark Dearlove, Kim Casey and Kevin Rose I recall!
Most memorable game?: It would be so easy to reel off the many great occasions: FA Trophy, FA Cup, League, Worcestershire Senior Cup triumphs...but the most memorable game for me was Boston United away in the relegation season.
3-0 down at the break, we camped in their half for 45 minutes to no avail. I remember the excruciating pain throughout, as chance after chance went begging.
I remember 5 up front, and the desperation.
I remember standing in the ground after, virtually the last person to leave - the despondency reverberating around the ground. The bleakness of York Street, the graveyard of our football league aspirations.
For now.
This memory should serve as a reminder of the culmination of dis-unity and chaos - what will happen if we don't stick together, if we don't act before it's too late.
It told me I wouldn't be satisfied until we reach the promised land again.
Least memorable game?: Carlisle away in the Northern Area Semis of the LDV. While not being under the influence of any incapacitating substances, all I ever remember is the trouble at half-time in the concourse of the away end, and their winner 10 minutes from time.
Favourite present player?: Iyseden Christie - what a character!
We just need him fit and champing at the bit.
Favourite past player?: Neil Doherty, for all the off-the-ball work he did to lay on opportunities for Lee HughesTomas Skovbjerg for his trickery as the best orthodox winger I've seen at Aggborough.
Then there was Rob 'the invisible man' Betts.
Least favourite present player?: Brian Smikle. Hasn't got it, will never have it.
Since when has running quickly with no control been a requisite for first-team football at Aggborough?
Least favourite past player?: Reuben Hazell, Phil King, Liam Burns, Rene Peterson... I could be here all night.
Where do you sit/stand?: The moaner's corner, North Stand - with a varied group of comedians, old men, politicians, teachers, butchers, bakers, cleaners, models...okay, I made the last bit up!
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: A young Paul Davies. That's all we could ever need!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To get back into the Football League ASAP.
For every season that isn't achievable, to have a good cup run. And Worcestershire Senior Cup glory is essential every year.

Pershore Harrier
Age: I ran out of fingers and toes years ago
Where do you live?: In the office
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I was born 1.5 miles from Villa Park and my Grandad was a Villa supporter so that was sorted from an early age.
I brought up my son, Lancaster Harrier, to be a Villa supporter and fitted him out with a Villa kit for school in the 1990's.
Sadly all his mates were Man Utd. supporters as they were winning everything.

Lancaster wouldn't go to Villa and I wouldn't go to Old Trafford so enter Nick Griffiths who gave Lancaster a complimentary ticket after he had done a couple of Football in the Community events in the school holidays.  As Lancaster was only a little guy at this time I went with him and that was it.  We found a team we could both support.

I still talk about Villa but Man Utd are rarely discussed.
First game?: Main Stand to see Hyde United
Most memorable game?: All the games where we win against the odds
Least memorable game?: All the games where we are beaten easily
Favourite present player?: Russ Penn
Favourite past player?: Johnny Mullins
Least favourite present player?: No comment
Least favourite past player?: Could be here all night with this one - but in recent times - Gary Hay - Gareth Sheldon - Laurie Wilson - countless loan players who didn't give a hoot from the day they arrived to the day they left.
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Gordon Cowans at his peak for Villa - without doubt the best and most complete midfield player I have ever seen and would solve our midfield play maker problem at a stroke.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Return to League 2 on merit without the need for a Russian billionaire

Windsor Harrier
Age: 31
Where do you live?: Windsor
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I grew up locally at a time when the Harriers were playing some great football and I think my Dad must have taken me up to Aggborough around '86ish
First game?: Those who know me will vouch for my memory retention ability - its rubbish. I have no idea. But I have memories of a tubby ginger midfielder (Graham Mackenzie?) being abused a lot from the Cow Shed.
Most memorable game?: The Blues in the cup. Great memories.
More recently, I really enjoyed our Boxing Day win at Yeovil a few years ago.
Least memorable game?: Hmm?...see above; too many to mention recently. Actually, York away when we lost 1-0 sticks in the mind for being a very very poor display and a long hopeless journey home.
Favourite present player?: James Constable....oh no, Scott Bevan....er....I'll go with Mark Creighton.
No nonsense solid player and gives 100% every game.
Favourite past player?: So many to choose from. I'll go with Paul 'Ocker' Davies
Least favourite present player?: No comment
Least favourite past player?: I'm trying to forget so many. Ruben Hazell for his 'mental block' probably edges it.
Kelvin Langmead's celebrations have not been forgotten either.
Where do you sit/stand?: East Stand: founder member.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Whilst watching MOTD as I write this I'm thinking Fernando Torres could do a job for us.
From the past I'd go for Jan Molby, simply legendary player who I model my own game (and diet) on to this day.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Strong and dynamic leadership, financial stability and attractive football on the pitch.
Fans that get on with each other and get behind the team would be nice.

Cheers Drive
Age: 29
Where do you live?: Bristol
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: The way I see it is that you support your local club. I was born 14 miles from Kidderminster and 16 miles from Wolverhampton, a couple the other way and I would have been a Yam Yam.
It helps that my family are life long Harriers. My dad was at the record crowd against Hereford in the 50's and my granddad a long time before that.
I would hate to support a big club, you can't talk footie with a Man Utd fan because they know nothing outside the Premiership, but find a Conference fan and you can talk all day about all levels.
First game?: Boston Utd at home in '88 or '89 and I think we lost. First games I really remember are Colchester in their promotion season and Swansea in the Welsh Cup.
Most memorable game?: There's been a few, can't pick one. The obvious is the win at St Andrews, I still get the video out for the Jon Purdie goal sometimes.
Gateshead away when Delwyn Humphreys got his hat-trick to avoid relegation. Dover away in the championship season, we all knew we were up after the last minute penalty and the players celebrated like we were, and Bromsgrove Rovers at Christmas when we were 3-0 and managed to lose it 4-3, I still hate Recky Carter
Least memorable game?: Very memorable but for all the wrong reasons.
I had been living in Spain for 2 years and on my first day home it was Boston at home, we lost 4-0 in the relegation season and I couldn't believe how far we had fallen whilst I had been away. The spirit and fight had gone, the club felt different after that day and I am still waiting to see a glimpse of our return. We will find our fight one day and it will be worth the wait.
Favourite present player?: Got to be Mark Creighton. Old fashioned Conference player and you can see just how much he loves being a Harriers player, he is not the most talented centre back I have seen at the club but if a few more had his commitment we would be ok.
Favourite past player?: How do you pick one from a list of legends? Martin Weir, Chris Brindley, Paul 'Ocker' Davies, Kim Casey, Craig Hinton, Lee Hughes, Mike Marsh and Paul Webb. But the one that always stands out is Super Delwyn Humphreys, the passion, commitment, somersaults and to top it off a really nice bloke.
Least favourite present player?: I will never abuse the team. As poor as we are right now it will never help the situation to put anyone down.
Least favourite past player?: Once they are gone they are fair game.
Barry Horne hit a stunner in the first game in the league, but that was the only time I saw him play the ball forwards. He had a talent for breaking up our attacking play by passing backwards at every opportunity.
Reuben Hazell, saw him play at Bristol Rovers against Oldham a few weeks ago, obvious talent and could have done a job for us, instead chose to let us pay for his recovery and then do a runner at the first opportunity.
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand, first bank of terrace just to the right of the goal. I use a many years old piece of chewing gum as my marker. I have been tempted to go to the East Stand but it just feels like home in the North.
Wish we could change ends at half time, those were the days. We certainly didn't find the Conference as we left it.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Dean Keates, still doing it at a higher level, when he is on the pitch everything revolves around him.
Failing that Petr Cech, Micah Richards, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Ashley Joe Cole, Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Joe Cole, Rooney and Torres. They should get us into the play-offs.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: That it starts to feel like the club it was 15 years ago. No more in fighting, no more taking the easy option when appointing the manager, the fans getting back behind the team rather than squabbling and complaining.
2,000 fans back through the gates each week; they are still out there watching us from afar we just need to give them a reason to come back. I just want my club back playing entertaining football with a team that cares and fans that appreciate it.
Not too much to ask is it?

Lancaster Harrier
Age: 22
Where do you live?: Droitwich Spa/Lancaster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Nick Griffith's Football in the Community Scheme. Proof of the excellent work done by Nick, Adie and co. at KHFC FitC.
First game?: Saturday 8th April 1995 - Harriers 2-0 Hyde United - FA Trophy Semi Final First Leg.
Goalscorers were Paul Davies and Mark Yates. Pershore reckons we were in the Main Stand but I think we were the Cowshed.
Most memorable game?: Tuesday March 18th 2003 - Harriers 2-2 Shrewsbury Town - Divison Three.
2-0 down at half time, we produced a stunning fightback in the second half. Drewe Broughton scrambled in two goals to level but we created so many chances, we should have won 6-2. Local derby, great atmosphere and a really exciting game under the floodlights.
Least memorable game?: There are many that fall into the 'memorable but for the wrong reasons' category, namely the 2007 FA Trophy Final and the 4-1 home defeat to Grimsby. The latter was the most lazy performance I have seen from any team at any level.
Anyway, to answer the question, we drew 0-0 in a pre-season friendly with Bristol Rovers a few years ago. Can't remember anything remotely interesting about the game.
Favourite present player?: Russ Penn
Favourite past player?: Johnny Mullins, John Deakin & Marcus Bignot - the latter two because they coached me with the Football in the Community Scheme. Marcus Bignot scored an own goal past me!
Least favourite present player?: No comment.
Least favourite past player?: With the exception of Dean Keates, those who played in the aforementioned defeat to Grimsby.
After relegation had been confirmed, to see such a careless, lazy performance demonstrated that those players didn't care and for that I can never forgive them. Their performance was insulting.
Where do you sit/stand?: At the bus stop, in front of a desk...
Oh I see... Town End - between the drummer and singers.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Alex-John Baptiste. Mansfield Town centre-half.
Brilliant defender who's loyalty to Mansfield has bordered on the insane. Whoever prise's him away from Field Mill will have a fantastic player for years to come.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: A squad of players that I can associate with, that give their all in every game and of course promotion back to League Two.

Age: 15
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Because it's my home town
First game?: I think it was against Telford at home the season when we went up
Most memorable game?: Erm. I've got three that stick out. Rushden when we won the league, Wolves at home in the FA Cup and the trip to Wembley last season
Least memorable game?: When Harriers lost 4-1 against Macclesfield at home in the 03/04 season and any Carlisle game that we lost as we always played badly
Favourite present player?: Iyseden Christie. The best forward player we had in years by a mile
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh. He could pass a ball so easily
Least favourite present player?: I can't say that I have one. That would be unfair
Least favourite past player?: Gareth Sheldon. Just a waste of space
Where do you sit/stand?: In the North stand
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Well it would have to be Steven Gerrard. He can pass a ball anywhere which is what we need
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To be back in the Football League soon

Age: 23
Where do you live?: Droitwich
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: My Father has watched the Harriers for many a year, and I got taught the passion of lower league from a young age.
First game?: My first game was... I think... Woking away when I was a teen. Lost 2-0 but I thought the atmosphere was amazing and we deserved better than a 2-0 defeat.
Most memorable game?: The 1993/94 cup run. Dad took me to Birmingham away! that was the best game ever witnessed by any Harrier! the atmosphere was electric and the support given to the players was astronomical. What a great cup run that was!!
Least memorable game?: 5-1 thrashing at the hands of Grays in the 2007-08 season. 3-0 after twenty mins, I don't wanna mention that game again.
Favourite present player?: Has to be the unstoppable Mark Creighton. He really belongs in League One standard on his day I reckon! truly inspirational towards the other Harriers players.
Favourite past player?: Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo, Bo-bo-bo Henriksen!!!!!
Least favourite present player?: Paul Bignot. When we lost 5-1 at Grays he got skilled inside out every time it went down his channel.
Least favourite past player?: Dunno. There have been a lot!!!
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand (on our day we outsing the 'kop'!)
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Ronaldo because of his sheer pace and ability to finish would easily send us into League Two!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To have a steady financial background and to propel up the leagues and hopefully reach the Barclays Premier League! also a good fan base would be fantastic!!!!!!

Age: 16
Where do you live?: Stourbridge
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Had you asked me last year I'd have said because it's cheap but since my first non-league game I've been addicted.
Love it.
First game?: Wolves in the FA Cup 2004
First proper game - Woking in 2006. We lost 1-0 and it was thoroughly rubbish but they'd already hooked me.
Most memorable game?: Harriers 4-0 Exeter - September 2007
Great performance.
Least memorable game?: Harriers 0-0 Northwich last year.
Dire, scoreline and opposition says it all..
Favourite present player?: Andy Ferrell - There's only one Andy Ferrell.
My favourite kind of player, Rooneyesque. Rory Delap copies his throw-ins.
Favourite past player?: Jeff Kenna - LEGEND, and he is the first player I remember knowing.
Least favourite present player?: Michael McGrath - he is awful. Hope he stays at Worcester forever.
Least favourite past player?: Chris Mackenzie - The worst goalkeeper I have ever seen. 'Nuff sed'.
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Several thousand fans...
Ashley Young - "World Class"
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Don't die, I don't want any Premier rubbish, or Stourbridge Glassboys!
FA Cup 4th round and Play-offs.

Age: 29
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Local club as simple as that, grew up with grandad, and dad going to games.
First game?: Too young to remember really, but a long time ago sometime in the 80's
Most memorable game?: Vs Birmingham City Away FA Cup, but also avoiding relegation up at Gateshead some years ago. Del Boy hat trick if my memory serves me right.
Least memorable game?: Torquay away. The FA Cup replay when a 90th minute goal knocked us out of the competition when the ball went through Kevin Rose's legs.
Favourite present player?: Probably Russ Penn, if he's still with the club next season.
Favourite past player?: Our Welsh international keeper Paul Jones
Least favourite present player?: Andy Ferrell - he just can't pass the ball. I can't fault his workrate, just the passing is awful.
Least favourite past player?: Not sure
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Steve McManaman. He can run at defences, something the present team is unable to do.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To get back into the League and be financially sound.


Shelly Plant
Age: 31
Where do you live?: Stourport
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Well because they are ace and brill and I love the players.  They are nice.  And Mark and Neil are ace.
I also wanted to to support a local team and more
First game?: 2008 and I loved every moment of it
Most memorable game?: When I met the Harriers lads.  Wow I was loving it
Least memorable game?: None
Favourite present player?: Dean Bennett
Favourite past player?: Luke Jones
Least favourite present player?: None
Least favourite past player?: None
Where do you sit/stand?: I sit in a wheel chair near where the lads come out
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: I would sign Lee Hughes he is an ace player and more
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To be in the League

Gary Dickinson
Age: 52
Where do you live?: Stourport
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I used to go to league football but fell out with it in the early 80's with violence being the main reason.  I started watching Harriers seriously in the 82-83 season, they were my local team and everyone from the chairman down was so friendly
First game?: Around 1975 at home v Gloucester and we won 4-1 I think.   In the Southern League Midland Division
Most memorable game?: v Fareham FAT SF 2nd leg at the Dell, Southampton.  The thought of going to Wembley and Kidderminster Harriers first achievement on a national basis.  We have achieved bigger things since then but this was the start and to witness it was special
Least memorable game?: A 0-0 draw at Telford around 1997/98.  Neither side or neither sets of supporters could be bothered
Favourite present player?: Anyone wearing the shirt
Favourite past player?: Kim Casey, Paul 'Ocker' Davies and Micky Touhy freely admit they wouldn't have scored so many goals if it wasn't for this man.  He couldn't head a ball or tackle, he wasn't very quick but he could pass a ball better than anyone else I have ever seen in non league football not just the pass itself but the timing of it.  That man is Graham McKenzie
Least favourite present player?: No one
Least favourite past player?: Reuben Hazell.  Does he count as he never actually played a game for us?
Where do you sit/stand?: I sit in the Reynolds Stand or sometimes I'll go in the North Stand
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Ryan Giggs.  A great player and great clubman
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To continue to play attractive and competitive football at what ever level they happen to be


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