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Ben Perry
Dateline: 07-05-12
Age: 15
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: It's in the family and I live in Kidderminster.  My dad introduced them to me.
First game?: Harriers 2-2 Swansea, 22nd March 2003.
Sam Shilton and Adie Smith both scored but I don't remember that much apart from having to stand on a box in the North Stand.
Most memorable game?: Harriers 3-2 Canvey Island, 2nd September 2006.
I hadn't watched the Harriers that much after my first game but I went to this one with a dramatic comeback and a cracking winner from Iyseden Christie.  It encouraged me to buy a season ticket.
Least memorable game?: Losing 5-1 to Stevenage in the FA Trophy semi final and also the 5-2 defeat at home to Torquay a few years ago.
Favourite present player?: Jack Byrne.
Favourite past player?: Brian Smikle.
Least favourite present player?: I don't really dislike any of them.
Least favourite past player?: Stuart Brock.
Where do you sit/stand?: In the North Stand, superb atmosphere.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Quincy Owusu-Abeyie (Panathinaikos ) for pace or Adebayo Akinfenwa (Northampton) for strength.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To get promotion in the 12-13 season.

Mark Collins
Age: 40
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I have previously been a Wolves season ticket holder and they still have a special place in my affections, however with a young family I chose to give it up, though we do still try and get to the occasional game when they don't clash with Harriers home fixtures.
I moved to Kidderminster about eight years ago and have developed an affinity with the place.
I'm a strong believer in supporting your local side and I wanted my son to grow up enjoying live football so Harriers seemed the natural choice and we haven't looked back.
First game?: The first we game we went to was through my sons' school, where I paid £10 and I could take 2 kids with me for free.  It was in March 2012 at home to Fleetwood.
We lost 2-0 but I was hooked, I'd forgotten what the buzz of live football was like.  We went to another three games during the 2012 season's run in and decided to get season tickets for 2012/13 campaign.
Most memorable game?: I have to say in the four games we attended during the end of 2011/12 season there were a couple of belters, including beating Kettering Town 6-1, but the most memorable would have to be coming from two down to beat Newport County with only 5 minutes left on the clock.
Least memorable game?: I forget :)
Favourite present player?: Steve Guinan or Daniel Lewis.
Favourite past player?: New to Harriers so I can't really comment.
Least favourite present player?: I have to say it's probably unfair to judge him on the strength of one performance in a friendly but Nathan Vaughan looked suspect between the sticks.
Least favourite past player?: New to Harriers so I can't really comment.
Where do you sit/stand?: Season ticket holders in the Main Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Thierry Henry, pure class!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: It would be good to see them make a return to the Football League.

Chris Price
Age: 24
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Both my Grandad and Auntie worked for the club on a matchday while I was young so my Dad used to take me up to the odd game.  After a few years the appeal and passion of watching my hometown side grew more with every season and from our promotion in 1999/2000 I was a regular both home and away.
First game?: My dad tells me it was Wycombe away in February 1993 who were then managed by Martin O'Neill.  However the first game I can remember was the FA Trophy final vs Woking at Wembley in 1995.
Most memorable game?: I've picked two as it's hard to split them.  Rushden in 2000 was a fantastic afternoon to be a Harrier.  I was a nervous wreck all day but a brilliant 2-0 win made it all worthwhile.  A really vital win towards our promotion.

The 2nd game is Northwich away 2007.  The atmosphere was electric and having gone 2-0 down in minutes our Wembley dream was hanging by a thread.  I remember the epic celebrations when Russ Penn slotted the ball home for our 2nd, the ball seemed to take forever to cross the line!  With being relegated in 2005 and having a lacklustre first season back in the Conference it seemed as though Harriers were back on the up.
Least memorable game?: There have been quite a few!  Going all the way down to Grays in 2007 and being 4-0 down by half time was poor, I think we lost 5-1.
Losing 5-1 to Stevenage in the Trophy semi final was hard to take as was them coming back here a few weeks later to wrap up the title!

Last season the long journey to Fleetwood on a Tuesday night only to get hammered 5-2 did not sit well either.
Favourite present player?: Anthony Malbon and for his attitude and professionalism it has to be Keith Briggs.
Favourite past player?: Bo Henriksen and Russ Penn.
Least favourite present player?: Have to support them all until they move on.
Least favourite past player?: Tom Bennett and Gary Hay.
Where do you sit/stand?: In the Town End to the right of the goal.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Vincent Kompany.  In recent seasons our defence has been our biggest weakness so a world class defender would be a welcome addition.  Kompany is good in the air, quick along the ground and shows composure in the key moments when needed.  He also puts his body on the line like every great defender should.
IMO one of the best centre backs in the world.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To return to the Football League sooner rather than later.  I miss the big atmosphere of a matchday in League 2.
Grounds like Braintree, Tamworth and Alfreton are not the same.

Shane Meese
Age: 19
Where do you live?: Divided between Dudley and Liverpool, where I am at uni.
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I had previously been a Liverpool fan.  In our last season in the Football League my aunt and uncle asked if I fancied watching some live football, which I of course accepted.  I remember it being at Aggborough vs Huddersfield which we won.  Having got an autograph off Mark Yates, experienced a live match, and won, I fancied it.
I went to a handful of other games that season and was there at our final League game vs Northampton.

My aunt then had a child so I couldn't get down until 10/11 when my brother bugged my Dad to go to a match.  Sensing my opportunity I mentioned Harriers were playing WBA.  Since then, myself and my brother have been regulars, and my brother a regular autograph collector, getting the whole squad in our last two full seasons, and this seasons team at the open day(12/13).

Talking to the players regularly, especially Keith Briggs, who quite flatteringly remembered us when he returned in 12/13 made me fall head over heels with the team once again, making my 'following' of the Watkiss/Yates eras pure undivided support of the Burr era, and whomever shall follow him.
First game?: Huddersfield at Aggborough.  Got Mark Yates' autograph when he was captain at the time so needless to say I was fairly chuffed with that.  If memory serves me correctly we won 2-1, I cannot remember whether it was in this game that Ian Foster was sent off for violent conduct (yes it was. Ed), I know it was one of the early games of my Harriers support.
Most memorable game?: Without a doubt the unbelievable events at Aggborough on Easter Monday 2012 against Newport County.  A poor performance, a goal down inside 10 seconds, 2 down by half time and not looking like we will get anything when the clock hit 80 minutes.
Steve Burr brought off Dave Hankin and put on the enigmatic, often frustrating, Nick Wright, who proceeded to score a last minute hat-trick, including an injury time brace and triggered pandemonium in the stands, disbelief and shock in the away end and hysteria on the airwaves of BBC Hereford and Worcester.
Least memorable game?: This would have to be Barrow away in 2011/12 season.  A 3-1 defeat for my first away game.  Food was average, weather terrible and the performance not much better.
Favourite present player?: Lee Vaughan/Keith Briggs/Kyle Storer.  The latter two I like as players and, seeing as they regularly find the time to talk to myself and to my brother, it's ok for me to say that this has endeared them to me in addition to my rating them as players anyway.
Vaughany is a player who I model my own game on, as I am a diminutive right back, like Lee.  I love the way he gives nothing less than 100% week in, week out, and is always an outlet on the right if we're looking for something.
Favourite past player?: I don't have a lot of leeway here seeing as I'm only going into my 3rd full season of support so I'll choose from players I have seen play in a Harriers shirt.  I thought Lee Hendrie brought an extra touch of class when he made a cameo in 11/12, before his temper got the better of him and we subsequently booted him out.  Lee is pipped, however, by Scott Stamps from the League 2 days.  Stamps was a left back, and again as a defender, I liked and admired his ability.
Least favourite present player?: It's very unfair for me to say this on the premise of forty five minutes in pre-season, but without a doubt this dubious honour goes to Nathan Vaughan.  I'd read plenty about his personality and ability leaving much to be desired and I found that what I'd read about his ability was sadly true, although he does seem a half decent bloke.
Least favourite past player?: I can't particularly remember any duffers from my few games in League 2, so I will pick from 2010-11 and 2011-12.  There wasn't a player in these years who I despised, so to speak, but I thought Dave Hankin, although a decent person, never really got going for us and was lacklustre on far too many occasions.
Where do you sit/stand?: I sit with my brother in the Main Stand five yards to the right of the halfway line, opposite the visitors tunnel.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: I would love to see somebody in the Xabi Alonso mould in a Harriers shirt.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Seeing as I was there when we got relegated I would love to be here if/when we seal promotion back into the 92.

Geoff Ryland
Age: 67
Where do you live?: Chaddesley Corbett
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: My local team, always have been.  I was persuaded to go and watch the Baggies a few times in the early 60's: Derek Kevan, David Burnside et al, but stuck with the Harriers home and away through most of the sixties.
I moved away in 1970 but always kept an eye on results.  Moved back to the area in mid eighties and took up where I left off, only this time with my son, Steve in tow.
I had a period in the 90's where I didn't see much action due to illness.
First game?: Can't remember opposition but it would have been the first league match of the 63/64 season.  (Ed: Could have been the 2-1 home win against Lye Town on Aug 24th 1963.)
Most memorable game?: The first round FA Cup replay at Aggborough versus Brighton on Nov 20th 1968.  Vic Cockcrofts' stunning free kick near the end that so nearly brought extra time.
The Harriers lost 1-0.
Least memorable game?: Last nights (Feb 5th 2013) WSC game against Redditch!
Favourite present player?: Josh Gowling.
Favourite past player?: Kim Casey.
Least favourite present player?: Nathan Blissett.
Least favourite past player?: Exodus Geohaghon.
Where do you sit/stand?: I sit in the Hire It (East Stand) back row, right in front of camera position.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Daniel Sturridge.  A proven goal scorer.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To eventually get back into, and stay, in the Football League and to get the support the club really deserves.  Also, it would be nice just to win at least one trophy once in a while.

Oxford Harrier
Age: 32
Where do you live?: Oxford
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Originally because when you grow up in Kidderminster what else is there to do?  Later on, because I liked it, and there was still nothing else to do....
First game?: At home v Maidstone in 1985-86 - don't remember much about it, except I couldn't see a lot, and hadn't got a clue what was going on.
I was five....
Most memorable game?: First football league game v Torquay and Barry Horne's goal.  I know he wasn't the best presence to have in the side necessarily, but for that lovely dipping volley he'll always stay in my mind.
Other than that, the Spalding Cup Final v Macclesfield was an interesting one, and I'm sure there was a game against Woking in the 1990s when their keeper had a nervous breakdown and had to be subbed off....
Least memorable game?: Away at Stourbridge Town in the WSC, about 1998, on a weeknight.  Really foggy, bitterly cold, pitch black and an attendance of about 50.
I don't remember anything about the game, I think we probably won....
Favourite present player?: I don't really get up there enough to judge now, but Anthony Malbon had a good game against Gateshead before Christmas.
I'm glad somebody had a good game, because the game itself was dross....
Favourite past player?: Tough one.  John Purdie was my first proper Harriers hero, but Richard Forsyth and Chris Brindley would be up there too.  Tim Clarke tends to get overlooked these days, but he was a steady presence between the posts.
Paul Bancroft, Adie Smith, Paul Webb, Neil Doherty should all be remembered fondly, and I always rated Daire Doyle.

Then we had loads of great loan players - Colin Larkin, JJ Melligan.  In the FL years I always rated Craig Hinton.
Least favourite present player?: Can't really say.
Least favourite past player?: Where do I start?  There was a dreadful triallist called something like Vadim Miskouski (Anyone know of him? Ed) who lasted about 20 minutes; Darren Steadman for his heart-attack inducing tendency to play rush-back; Leroy May for no reason I can remember, except I do remember really disliking him at the time.
Rene Petersen - why did he never fulfill his promise for us? If you'd seen the trials pre-season you'd have picked him over Thomas Skovbjerg yet he never quite settled...
Where do you sit/stand?: Years ago, behind the goal and change ends at half time.  When they stopped that then in front of the Royal Box (I used to stand on the Royal Box back in the day. Ed) at the town end of the Bill Greaves - since that went all-seater, the Town End.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: I'd have James Constable back off Oxford at the moment, or John Mousinho from Preston North End.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Back in the Football League would be the ideal, but I'd like to get the gate back up to at least 3,500 somehow...

Age: 33
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Being something of a traditionalist, it seems right to support your hometown club.  Having moved to Kiddy when I was very young and lived in or around ever since, the Harriers are my hometown club.
I followed the Harriers everywhere from 1995 - 2001, until work and family commitments took precedence.
Nowadays, I go to as many games as time and money will allow, and rely on BBC H&W's Steve Miller and this website to fill in the blanks!
First game?: My first was a home game against Altrincham in the FA Trophy Quarter Final in 1995.  Kidderminster won 5 - 0.
Most memorable game?: One of, if not all of these...
H vs Stevenage 3-0 - Sept 1996 - Great atmosphere, great victory and, if I remember rightly, their keeper got sent off for handling outside the area...
A vs Doncaster 2-1 - Mar 2000 - Freezing cold, 1-0 down, completely outplayed, then nicked two quick goals right at the end of the match.
H vs Rushden 2-0 - Apr 2000 - One of the all time great games.
Least memorable game?: There's been a few, but these stick in the mind more than most...
H vs Southport 1-1 - Aug 2005 - Bought my heavily pregnant wife along in the hope the excitement may induce labour...
A vs Shrewsbury 4-0 - Sept 2001 - The only match I've ever left before the final whistle.
Favourite present player?: Josh Gowling - The best centre back I've seen in a Kidderminster Harriers shirt.
Favourite past player?: Like most fans, I like 'heart on sleeve' players who give everything and attacking flair players.  Some of my personal favourites are Chris Brindley, Adie Smith, Neil Doherty, Mike Marsh, Marcus Bignot, Paul Webb to name but a few.
And of course Bo Henriksen, who had a beer and a smoke with us in the Northampton branch of Frankie & Benny's prior to kick off.
Least favourite present player?: No comment.
Least favourite past player?: Les Palmer used to get on my wick.  Not really sure why though.....
Where do you sit/stand?: Back in the day, I stood in the North Stand, and changed ends at half time.  Nowadays, on the occasions when I'm not working on a matchday, I'm usually found sat in the East Stand with the wife and our 3 junior Harriers in tow.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: At this moment my only concern is defensive cover should Gowling or Dunkley get injured.  Steve Burr seems to be doing just fine without my suggestions!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: It would be nice to come into to some money and buy the Harriers! but more realistically promotion this or next season should be the aim, and with recent history of the club nearly going under, keep the club well run, financially viable so we all have a to support and enjoy in the future.

Andrew Pitt
Age: 40
Where do you live?: Barcelona
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I was born in the village of Cookley, 3 miles from Kidderminster.  I started supporting the Harriers when I was around 9 and discovered my dad used to play for them.  At 21 I became a steward before moving to Spain (Barcelona) and I've been logging in every weekend to see how they're doing ever since.
It amazes all my friends over here when they ask me who I support and I tell them Kiddy.
First game?: Harriers v Worcester City but don't quote me on that.
Most memorable game?: I'm still waiting!!!
Least memorable game?: Most of them
Favourite present player?: Arthur Gnahoua
Favourite past player?: Kim Casey
Least favourite present player?: None
Least favourite past player?: None
Where do you sit/stand?: Cow Shed or in my living room in Barcelona
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Me as manager.  I would get the best out of the players.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To win the FA Cup one day.

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