MATCH REPORTS FOR SEASON 00/01...6/3/01 to 5/5/01.

1 6/3/01


In front of a crowd of only 2471, the lowest of the season so far, and in some of the muckiest weather you could wish to see, the Harriers crashed to another defeat.

It wasn't as if Lincoln were any good, we were just worse.

It all started brightly enough. Dean Bennett had some nice runs down the side, only to come up against his achilles heel, he was taking it too far and ending up losing possession.

The ball was being spread around nicely by Ian Bogie and Neil Mackenzie but it was the final ball into the box that was letting us down.
Time and time again the final cross was over hit with Broughton and the re-called Tony Bird watching it sail away.

It looked like our best chance was going to come from the many free kicks we were getting, Mackenzie going close early on, but again they were sailing either over or wide.

Then against the run of play Lincoln scored when a left wing cross from Finnigan took a deflection off Mark Shail and as it skidded across the goal Paul Smith knocked the ball in from five yards out.

As a contest it was all over.
The Harriers went to pieces.

Apart from two chances from Mackenzie and Broughton we did little else than continually give the ball away.
Which is what Ian Clarkson did for the second Lincoln goal.

The defence was in its usual mess from a corner as Tim Clarke tried to stop a misdirected header from Clarkson, but the ball was only cleared to the edge of the box where Gain swept it home from 20 yards.

This technique for scoring goals is called 'shoot on sight', something we seem to have trouble understanding.

The team left the field at half time with catcalls ringing in their ears.

HT. 0-2

At the start of the second half the struggling Scott Stamps made way for Parfait Medou-Otye, who also struggled again at left back.

Then Jan made another two substitutions a few minutes later, first Stewart Hadley replacing Ian Bogie and then to the sound of the Harriers fans singing 'Thomas, Thomas the Dane' on came Thomas Skovbjerg in place of Tony Bird for his first game for a year and his Div 3 debut.

The difference was immediate, they started to play as they did in the first twenty minutes.
Making full use of Tommys speed and crossing ability they looked much slicker than before.

We had to get a goal soon, and we did.

Stewart Hadley outpaced his marker and smashed home a superb shot from twenty yards after Drew Broughton had flicked on a long ball from Ian Clarkson.

But then we gave it all away again a few minutes later.

As usual it was from a set piece, a corner.
The defence failed to clear the ball as it bobbled around the box and Dudgeon pounced on it from close range to give Lincoln their third goal.

To their credit the Harriers did try to get a second goal, to regain some semblance of pride, but a mixture of stout defending and awful conditions deprived them of the chance to redeem their selves.

So, another defeat.

We should be very grateful for the points we picked up earlier in the season, because we could be in almighty trouble otherwise.

Hopefully with the return of Tommy, his crosses and Drewes head, we may start to claw something back.

Starting at Rochdale this Saturday.

FT. 1-3

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  CRAIG HINTON 

He played solidly for the full 90 minutes, sorry Riverside, but scoring a goal does not make you man of the match in my book.

Clarke, Hinton, Clarkson, Stamps, Shail, Bennett, Webb, Mackenzie, Bogie, Bird, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Doyle, Medou-Otye, Hadley, Skovbjerg.

Day, Bimson, Perkins, Welsh, Dudgeon, Finnigan, Walker, Gain , Smith, Battersby, Thorpe.
Subs;Marriott, Henry, Sedgemore, Peacock, Cameron.

Yellow. Harriers 0.
Yellow. Lincoln 0.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Lincoln 0.

Referee;M. J. North (Wimborne).

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0 10/3/01


Harriers went to Spotland with one intention and that was to keep it tight at the back and not allow Rochdale a scoring chance.
They accomplished this with ease and if Dean Bennett had put away the chance that fell for him towards the end 'it could so easily have been 3 points'.

We started the game with a league debut for young Ben Davies and also a start for Tony Bird for the second game running.

Ben had a very quiet game but Birdie had probably his best game for us so far.

The first half was also very un-eventful for the rest of the team and for the fans.
Neither side had a proper shot on goal and both keepers had very little to do.

Rochdale had a slight chance when Graham Lancashire tried an ineffective overhead shot that fell straight into Clarke's arms.

The game burst into life for the wrong reasons when Drewe Broughton and the keeper, Edwards, clashed in the penalty area.
Broughton stretched his foot out for a 50/50 ball, maybe a bit too close to the keeper for comfort. The keeper seemed to grab the ball and Broughtons foot at the same time and they both went crashing to the ground.

When Broughton got back to his feet after treatment he was booed by the home crowd behind the goal.
The keeper and Drewe shook hands and we thought that would be it but within a few minutes Drewe had been sent clattering on two more occasions and the ref had no choice but to book Dales Keith Hill for one of them.

Broughton was then booked himself when he caught Michael Oliver late.

HT. 0-0

The second half was probably even more un-eventful than the first.
Rochdale seemed totally bereft of ideas and anything they tried the Harriers dealt with competently.

Passes were going astray and the match was desperate for a goal or a substitution to liven things up.

Rochdale made the first substitution on the hour when Hadland replaced Howell.
Tim Clarke did well to punch away a free kick from Hadland on 64 minutes and then the same player curled a cross shot just wide of the far post.

Rochdale brought on Clive Platt in the 76th minute in an attempt to get the goal they needed.

And then after repeated calls from the Harriers fans Molby bought on Thomas Skovbjerg.
But if we were expecting the same transformation to the team as against Lincoln when Tommy came on we didn't get it.

Obviously Rochdale had watched him against Lincoln and immediately put two men on him.

Tony Bird twice had two chances to get a goal for the Reds but both times he was let down by his accuracy.

Ten minutes from time Stewart Hadley replaced Drewe Broughton.

Then came the miss of the match and the reason for the headline.

Dean Bennett missed a glorious chance to take home all three points for Harriers six minutes from time when Skovbjerg saw a chance to beat the offside trap and sent him racing clear.
But he was either too tired or he dithered too long, I go for the latter, and put it straight into Edwards arms.

FT. 0-0

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  Dean Bennett and Tony Bird 

Couldn't split it, they both worked hard to get some credibility. TEAMS:
Clarke, Clarkson, Hinton, Shail, Stamps, Bird, Webb, Bennett, Davies, Doyle, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Skovbjerg, Medou-Otye, Bogie, Hadley.

Edwards, Evans, Coleman, Hill, Todd, Flitcroft, Oliver, Jones, Howell, Connor, Lancashire.
Subs;Gilks, Ford, Hadland, Platt, Townson.

Yellow. Harriers 2. Broughton, Clarkson.
Yellow. Rochdale 1. Hill.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Rochdale 0.

Referee;S.W. Mathieson (Stockport).

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0 13/3/01


With the crowds dropping lower by the week and the goals seemingly having dried up one wonders when things are going to improve.

After the good and solid, but un-exciting, showing against Rochdale we should have expected the team to build on that and at least give the home fans something to cheer.
Although the defence kept Scunthorpes chances down, at the other end nobody wanted to take the game by the scruff of the neck and do anything positive.

The midfield was crying out for the return of Neil Mackenzie.

And while I'm having a moan, what has happened to our passing game?

Get the ball, boot it up.
Their player collects it, passes it round.
We get the ball, boot it up.
Their player collects it, passes it round.
We get the ball, boot it up.
And so on.

Where has our fast passing and running off the ball gone? It was something that we were so good at, now it's all so predictable.

HT. 0-0

Now to the second half, a slight improvement if only for the fact that Jan bought on all three subs on early.

Bogie for the disappointing Doyle.
Skovbjerg for the fast improving Tony Bird, he didn't deserve to go off Jan.
And a bit later John Durnin came back after taking the wrong turning at Rochdale to replace Stewart Hadley.

Although we started to pass the ball round with more confidence we still didn't look like scoring.

We had a few shots on goal but nothing that stuck out and nothing that worried Evans in the Scunthorpe goal either.
Then again Clarkie didn't seem too worried either.

The only thing that was a worry though was after using all three subs to then see Clarke in agony for about 15 minutes and then Dean Bennett getting crippled by one of theirs.

Still the ref was very fair in giving him an extra ten minutes to get fit before he allowed him back on.

FT. 0-0

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  PAUL WEBB or CRAIG HINTON 

If in doubt choose Craig.

Clarke, Clarkson, Stamps, Hinton, Shail, Bennett, Webb, Doyle, Hadley, Bird, Broughton.
Subs;Durnin, Skovbjerg, Bogie, Brock, Medou-Otye.

Evans, Jackson, Cotterill, Dawson, Larusson, Calvo-Garcia, Graves, Sheldon, Harsley, Quailey, Torpey.
Subs;Brough, Ridley, Batty, Anderson, Stamp.

Yellow. Harriers 2. Webb, Clarkson.
Yellow. Scunthorpe 0.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Scunthorpe 0.

Referee;M.J. Brandwood (Lichfield).

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0 17/3/01


May be I am expecting too much at this, the tail end of our first season in the Football League.
It has been a learning process by both the players and ourselves but I would like to see a goal sometime before the end of the season.

Its not too much to ask is it?

I expected some today. Darlington are very near the bottom of the league, can't score goals and even their own fans say that they are rubbish.

What we saw from Darlo today would embarrass one of our old friends from the Conference, except Hereford.
But no, we struggled again to come up with the goods, even with a front line of Bird, Durnin, Hadley and Broughton.

Surely it can't be a lack of confidence.

Drewe Broughton was possibly the worst offender, his lack of control was unbelievable.
Time and time again he lost the ball when it was played to his feet and when it was in the air he came second best every time.

Harriers started well enough with attempts from Bird, Bennett and Durnin but they were all from long range and caused very little problem for Darlingtons keeper, Keen.
At the back Scott Stamps was again struggling to make any impression with his crosses, most of them being hit too hard for the forwards to do anything with and in midfield Paul Webb was having a torrid time, nothing was going right for him.

Neil Mackenzie was definitely 'not in the house'.

It took until a minute before the break when Harriers got their first corner but Bennett's kick was flapped at by Keen and Bird was caught by surprise and side footing wide.

HT. 0-0

We started the second half in a similar vein to the first with no one prepared to go the final inch and try from close range but as in recent games that all changed when Thomas came on for his halftime outing.

Surprisingly he replaced Broughton and not Durnin, when is Jan going to play Tommy and Drewe together?

After that things seemed to click although we could have done with Ian Bogie in midfield to replace Birdie who didn't like where he had been put in the re-shuffle.
Thomas whipped his crosses in but Darlos goal was leading a charmed life, the ball going everywhere but in.
But we failed to force a serious save from Keen until a minute from the end when he superbly tipped over a volley from Durnin that took a wicked bounce just before he struck it.

How about giving Tommy a start against Shrewsbury Jan, he'd murder them.

It may stop it being a game that is Lacklustre, Lethargic And Lousy.

FT. 0-0

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  CRAIG HINTON 

Solid again, (this is getting boring), although Darlo should have had a penalty when Craig handled in the area.

Clarke, Clarkson, Hinton, Shail, Stamps, Webb, Bennett, Bird, Durnin, Hadley, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Skovbjerg, Davies, Bogie, Doyle.

Keen, Brumwell, Liddle, Brightwell, Harper, Campbell, Ford, Kilty, Naylor, Marcelle, Jackson.
Subs;Reed, Convery, Hodgson, Finch, Williams.

Yellow. Harriers 1. Hinton.
Yellow. Darlington 2. Ford, Campbell.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Darlington 0.

Referee;P. E. Alcock (Halstead).

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1 20/3/01


This was a much better showing from the Harriers.
After recent bore draws against Rochdale, Scunthorpe and Darlington it looked as if we might be seeing some goals at last.

The reason for this was that Thomas Skovbjerg was getting his first start since coming back from injury.
The difference was obvious straight from the kick off, here was someone with pace and the ability to take his man on AND beat him.

Shame no one told Broughton and Durnin.

It seemed to be in midfield where most mistakes were being made though.
Mackenzie, back after injury, had been forced to return too soon. He was definitely carrying his injury and did not look match fit.
And again Paul Webb was having a poor game with passes going straight to opposing players.

Apart from this it was a much improved showing than in recent weeks. We looked as though we could score goals.

We came close on numerous occasions from Durnin and Broughton, all it needed was that confidence to hit it a bit harder.

Edwards in goal for Shrewsbury was having to work hard and none more so in the 25th minute when Skovbjerg volleyed the ball from the right hand side of the area.
It had GOAL!! written all over it but miraculously Edwards produced a stunning save to keep it out.

Shrewsbury were struggling to produce anything, only the impressive Rogers and loan signing from Hull City, Jason Harris, looking capable of making anything.

Ian Clarkson went down under a heavy challenge ten minutes from the end and left the field for quite a while to have stitches put into a head wound.

It was while he was missing that the Shrews missed their chance of going in front just before the end of the half when Jagielka missed from only four yards out after Rogers had put in a cross from the right.

HT. 0-0

The second half was much the same as the first except that Shrewsbury had decide at halftime to do something about Skovbjerg.

Although at times he had three markers he was still producing his magic.
For the last twenty minutes he was getting clattered continually.

They were getting desperate.

Both sides had the chance to take the lead, Durnin had a couple of attempts that were either saved by Edwards or just flew over the bar.
But it was getting obvious that a change was needed if we wanted to win this.

The Harriers fans started calling for Hadley to be bought on to replace Durnin.
That came about ten minutes from the end. Too late by then.

It was surprising that Tommy wasn't taken off at the same time because he was starting to feel the effects of the close attention he was getting and he was getting very little protection from the referee.

The match looked to be heading for yet another 0-0 draw as Shrewsbury's part time fans started making for the exits when they got a last minute corner.

Again the goal was down to poor defending from a set piece.

The corner kick was completely misjudged and the ball fell to Dean Peer whose mis-hit shot fell to Matthew Redmile who shot on the turn to smash the ball past Tim Clarke.

Sods law!!

FT. 1-0

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  THOMAS SKOVBJERG 

Played his heart out, put the crosses in but it's a shame the forward line were not on the same wavelength.

Clarke, Clarkson, Stamps, Hinton, Shail, Bennett, Skovbjerg, Webb, Mackenzie, Durnin, Broughton.
Subs;Hadley, Brock, Ducros, Davies, Doyle.

Edwards, Davidson, Redmile, Drysdale, Murray, Peer, Aiston, Collins, Jagielka, Rodgers, Harris.
Subs;Wilding, Lowe, Dunbavin, Brown, Tretton.

Yellow. Harriers 0.
Yellow. Shrewsbury 2 Collins, Aiston.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Shrewsbury 0.

Referee;A. Kaye (Wakefield).

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2 24/3/01


Harriers bad run continued at Exeter although we didn't gain any points at least we scored for the first time in four games.

It looked as though we were being set up for a thrashing when City scored twice in the first 15 minutes, the first coming again from a set piece.
Exeters corner was taken and the ball fell to Paul Buckle on the edge of the area but it was diverted by one of his own team mates to let Flack tap it into the net.

Four minutes later they increased the lead when poor defending let in Buckle who let fly with a 20yd shot that went in off the post.

Things had been looking grim for the Harriers, but slowly they started to regain their confidence and Broughton should have buried Clarkson's cross instead of putting his header wide.
Then Bird volleyed inches over followed by a volley from Drewe Broughton that was superbly saved by the City keeper, Fraser.

HT. 2-0

The second half the Harriers tried to increase the pressure and had Exeter on the back foot but they still could not make the breakthrough.

Tony Bird got himself booked for arguing with the ref and then missed an open goal when he sent a header straight into the keepers arms.

A few minutes later he was substituted by Jan, who sent on Ducros in place of him.
Then came a flurry of yellow cards when Broughton was booked for dissent, Buckle of Exeter was booked for a tackle from behind on Ducros and then Ducros found himself in the book for tripping Roberts.

After misses from Durnin, Broughton and Skovbjerg came the goal we had been waiting for in the 87th minute.

Dean Bennett gave Fraser no chance when he thundered home a first time shot from 16yds after a throw in from Stamps.

Stewart Hadley, who had replaced Broughton earlier, then forced the keeper into a diving save but when Durnin fell inside the area the ref interpreted it as a dive and booked him as he was surrounded by angry Exeter players who clearly felt he had cheated and a pushing match developed.

Then in the final minute the Harriers were denied a penalty when Mark Burrows appeared to handle the ball inside the box and Scott Stamps was sent off for arguing with the ref about it.

FT. 2-1

Clarke, Clarkson, Hinton, Shail, Stamps, Skovbjerg, Webb, Bennett, Bird, Durnin, Broughton.
Subs;Ducros, Hadley, Brock, Davies, Doyle.

Fraser, Power, Burrows, Campbell, Buckle, Inglethorpe, Ampadu, Zabek, Roberts, Roscoe, Flack.
Subs;Breslan, Van Heusden, Speakman, Birch, Epesse-Titi.

Yellow. Harriers 4. Bird, Broughton, Ducros, Durnin.
Yellow. Exeter 2. Buckle, Burrows.

Red. Harriers 1. Stamps.
Red. Exeter 0.

Referee;A Butler (Sutton in Ashfield).

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3 31/3/01


Harriers form came back on song against Shrewsbury with no help from referee Cooper, quite possibly the worst ref to be seen at Aggborough since the infamous Steve Castle.

It makes one wonder that if he hadn't been so draconian the Harriers would have scored more than the three goals that they did get.

In front of the largest crowd (4548) at Aggborough since the opening day against Torquay (5122) the Harriers started at a blistering pace and within the first few minutes Durnin had made his presence known when he sent a twenty five yd volley just above the Shrewsbury bar.

Durnin got himself booked after a foul on Seabury and then the Harriers won a free kick 30yds out but Drewe Broughtons shot was blocked by Redmile.

Then came a moment of panic in the Harriers defence when Mark Shail was slow to react to a through ball to Rodgers but Clarkie was quick out of the blocks and did enough to put him off as he sent his shot weakly across the goal.

Ian Clarksons name then went in the book after Collins went down in mock agony, the ref fell for it again.

Collins then escaped with a little talking to after elbowing Durnin in the chest in the same place as Clarkson had received his booking a few minutes earlier.

Then the pratt booked Broughton after he had tried to stop Rioch from taking a free kick.
Mind you, Broughton was being a bit of a pratt too.

In the 40th minute came our first home goal in ages.

Stampers cross was flicked on by Broughton to Durnin who made no mistake slotting the ball between the keeper and the post.

It was the Harriers first goal at Aggborough for 323 mins.

Immediately after Harriers had a penalty turned down when Tommy Skovbjerg was bundled over by Rioch but the ref waved play on.

And as the ref blew the whistle for halftime Craig Hinton went down on the centre circle holding his face and the ref just stood watching him as he was treated by Jimmy Conway.

HT. 1-0

Within seconds of the start of the second period Shrewsbury sent on a sub in the form of a streaker.

He was middle aged, very white, flabby and had no tackle. He waltzed around the Shrewsbury end for what seemed like an eternity before someone managed to stop laughing and go for a very small towel to hide our embarrassment.

It didn't put the Reds off though, we went on to get our second goal when Craig Hinton deflected Durnins shot just inside the post.

Then Shail's header was brilliantly pushed away by Edwards before the same player had an effort ruled out for off side minutes later.

The ref could see by now that Shrewsbury needed a bit of help and so he gave them a dubious penalty when Clarkson and Aiston went for a 50/50 ball that was reached first by Clarkson as Aiston went flying over his outstretched leg.

The penalty that was taken by Rogers gave Clark no chance.

It was getting worrying for the Harriers fans now, we could see this match slipping away if we didn't get another goal.
And the ref was still getting his book out every time a Shrewsbury player went down, first booking Skovbjerg and then Ducros who had only been on the pitch for a few seconds.

Thankfully Broughton popped up to get the third when he sent a Skovbjerg corner into the net.

Hopefully there should be no more relegation talk and another 3 points at Macclesfield next Saturday should put us into a comfortable position in the league by the time the end of the season comes.

FT. 3-1

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  JOHN DURNIN 

He may not be the fastest man on two legs but he never gave up and silenced the critics who never had a good word for him.

Clarke, Clarkson, Hinton, Shail, Stamps, Skovbjerg, Webb, Smith, Bennett, Durnin, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Bird, Medou-Otye, Ducros, Hadley.

Edwards, Seabury, Collins, Redmile, Rioch, Brown, Murray, Peer, Aiston, Rodgers, Lowe.
Subs;Wilding, Dunbavin, Tretton, Harris, Jones.

Yellow. Harriers 5. Durnin, Clarkson, Broughton, Skovbjerg, Ducros.
Yellow. Shrewsbury 1. Collins.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Shrewsbury 0.

Referee; M Cooper (Walsall).

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1 7/4/01


Harriers came away from Macclesfields rain swept Moss Rose stadium without earning a point for the first ever time.
Not once in the teams conference days had Harriers lost there.

Adie Smith replaced the suspended Scott Stamps at left back and Neil Mackenzie returned after injury.

Macclesfield started the game brightly, adapting to the soggy conditions far easier than the Harriers, who played their normal passing game.
The Harriers first scare came when Shail was beaten to the ball by Tracy and Clarke was forced to head the ball away at the edge of the area.

The game was then stopped for several minutes while Dean Bennett and Darren Tinson received treatment after a crunching tackle from Tinson.
Tinson came off the worst and was eventually taken off after being booked for the tackle.

Clarke had another scare when he dropped a header from Glover and the ball almost crept over the line.

Harriers started to drag themselves back into it when Drewe Broughton headed Skovbjergs cross over the bar.
Then Mackenzie struck a 20 yarder but it took a deflection and was easily saved by the keeper.

Minutes later Paul Webb headed wide from Skovbjerg's corner and then Broughton picked up another Skovbjerg pass and forced the keeper into a smart save.

Macclesfield had their chances too and should have taken the lead just before the break when Tracys' header went over the bar.

But they did take the lead when Shuker knocked the ball into an empty net after Tim Clarke had been left in no mans land.

HT. 1-0

Before the second half had started Durnin found himself in the referees book for dissent.
For the third week running Harriers had collected a host of bookings.
Four against Exeter, five against Shrewsbury and four today.

That makes it thirteen bookings in three weeks.

Despite the torrential conditions, Harriers stuck to their passing game but were getting no where and Macclesfield seemed to be content with the single goal.

Macc had chances from Abbey, Tracy and Glover.
Harriers chances came from Durnin who tried to chip the keeper and Broughton came close after he just failed to connect to a deflected through ball from McKenzie.

In the end it was another disappointing day out for the Harriers who never looked like gaining anything from this drenching.

FT. 1-0

Clark, Clarkson, Webb, Hinton, Smith, Bennett, Skovbjerg, Shail, Durnin, Mckenzie, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Bird, Medou-Otye, Ducros, Hadley

Martin, Hitchen, Tinson, O'Neill, Adams, Durkan, Keen, Wood, Shuker, Tracey, Glover.
Subs;Wilson, Whitehead, Abbey, Came, Lambert.

Yellow. Harriers 4. Smith, Hinton, Durnin, Broughton.
Yellow. Macclesfield 1. Tinson.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Macclesfield 0.

Referee;T Jones (Cumbria).

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1 14/4/01


Jan Molby made a few team changes at Saltergate today with Andy Corbett starting for only the second time this season and Ian Clarkson switching from right back to left.
Thomas Skovbjerg and Dean Bennett were dropped onto the bench as Jan elected to play Durnin, Hadley and Corbett up front.

But as usual lately the strike force was in-effective and hardly managed a shot on goal throughout the game.

After their escape from punishment this week Chesterfield were eager to please their fans and they did so straight from the kick off with Beckett and Ryan Williams running the Harriers ragged.

The home side thought that they had taken the lead in the 23rd minute when Beckett tapped home a rebound after Ebdon had hit the bar but referee Danson had already blown for an infringement in the area.

Andy Corbett was given a long lecture and then a yellow card by the ref just after when a clash of heads left Blatherwick on the ground for a few minutes.
Blatherwick left the pitch for about ten minutes for treatment and during this time the Harriers had their best spell.

From a corner Paul Webb fired a volley from fully 20 yds but as injury time ticked away Chesterfield took the lead.

Mark Shail conceded a corner and Clarke failed to hold it and it dropped to Beckett who poked the ball in from close range.

HT. 1-0

The second half was more of the same with Chesterfield running the show so Jan made some early changes in an effort to spark some life into the Reds.

Skovbjerg and Bennett replaced Corbett and Durnin in an effort to get a bit of width.

Chesterfield almost increased the lead in the 58th minute, Ingledows cross was knocked down to Beckett but his volley from six yds out was sent over Tim Clarkes crossbar.

It was almost at the end of the game that the Harriers had their first real chance of a goal when Andy Ducros 25 yd free kick was pushed over the bar by the Chesterfield keeper.

After the match it was 30 minutes before Jan came out of the dressing room to speak to the press.

I think we all know what had been said.

FT. 1-0

Clarke, Clarkson, Medou-Otye, Hinton, Shail, Corbett, Webb, Smith, Ducros, Durnin, Hadley.
Subs;Brock, Bennett, Skovbjerg, MacKenzie, Doyle.

Pollitt, Blatherwick, Breckin, Payne, R Williams, Richardson, Ebdon, Ingledow, Edwards, Reeves, Beckett.
Subs;Armstrong, Beaumont, D Williams, Howard, Willis.

Yellow. Harriers 3. Corbett, Clarkson, Hadley.
Yellow. Chesterfield 1. Edwards.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Chesterfield 0.

Referee;P Danson (Leicester).

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3 16/4/01


Harriers came back to their winning ways in the Easter sunshine with this 3-0 win against a disappointing Plymouth.
It almost made up for the 4-0 defeat at rain swept Plymouth at the end of January, Harriers worst set back so far.

Jan Molby sprung a surprise at the start when the teamsheet was read out and the names of Clarkson and Shail were both missing.
And with the pairing of Ducros and Hadley upfront the idea was obviously to add a bit of pace in front of goal.

Harriers were soon in action as early as the 4th minute when a Tim Clarke goal kick bounced kindly for Stewart Hadley.
Hadley jumped together with the Plymouth keeper and watched the ball hit the back of the net for his first goal in eight games.

From then on it was Harriers all the way.
Ten minutes later it could have been two for the Reds and Hadley when his close range effort was blocked by the Argyle keeper, Sheffield, who then turned and pounced on it on the line in the nick of time.

Harriers were on fire. Ducros and Skovbjerg were ripping Argyle apart and Adie and P M-O were mopping up anything that Plymouth could muster at the back.

It's was lucky that Plymouth had a goal disallowed for offside when Tim Clarke went missing at the far post.

Neil Mackenzie increased the lead for the Reds in the 21st minute when Ducros intercepted a poor back pass and bamboozled the keeper to set up Macca for a simple tap in at the far post.

Two minutes before the end of the half Thomas the Dane clinched the points with the goal of the game.

Tommys Beckhamesque goal came after good work from Ducros and Hadley who patiently passed the ball along the face of the goal looking for an opening.
When it arrived at Toms feet he needed no second bidding and sent it curling inside the post.

When the half time whistle blew the team went off to a standing ovation for the first time this season.

HT. 3-0

As exciting as the first half was then the second half must count as being disappointing.

The crowd rightfully expected the floodgates to open but the team didn't raise any sweat and just passed the ball around cleanly and efficiently enough to keep the score as it was.

To my surprise Jan made a strange move by first taking off Tommy Skovbjerg for Andy Corbett and then Ducros for Durnin and Doyle for Davies.
The two best players on the park, and Doyle, who was having his best game for the Reds so far.

OK I know it's the end of the season and we are more or less safe from relegation but both Mackenzie and Bennett were having poor games and I felt that it would have been better to replace these two instead.
Considering we know what to expect from Durnin how could it be trying out new ideas?

Luckily Plymouth had no ideas either and offered very little threat to the scoreline.

Really there was very little in the second half to remember.
An effort from Corbett and one from Hadley that hit the post and that was it.

The most memorable thing was the Plymouth fans singing and dancing at the end as if they had won the game.

They could teach our depressing fans a thing or two. All they could do was mouth obscenities at them.

Can't they just enjoy themselves if they want!

FT. 3-0

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  ANDY DUCROS 

He prompted and coaxed the team to this win. TEAMS:
Clarke, Stamps, Hinton, Smith, Bennett, Skovbjerg, Medou-Otye, Ducros, Hadley, Mackenzie, Doyle.
Subs;Brock, Webb, Durnin, Corbett, Davies.

Sheffield, Bance, Elliott, Wotton, Taylor, Javary, Phillips, Friio, Evers, Evans, McCarthy.
Subs;Larrieu, Guinan, O'Sullivan, Beswetherick, Adams.

Yellow. Harriers 0.
Yellow. Plymouth 3. Javary, Evers, Guinan.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Plymouth 0.

Referee;P. Armstrong (Thatcham).

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1 21/4/01


Along with Lincoln winning 2-1 at Chesterfield the Harriers achieved the other shock result in League 2 by beating play-off hopefuls and local rivals Cheltenham 3-1.

In fact we didn't just beat them, we totally outplayed and outfought them.

Jan changed the team from last Mondays win against Plymouth yet again, this time Drewe Broughton started along side Stewart Hadley in place of Andy Ducros who dropped onto the bench and Tony Bird and Paul Webb rejoined the team in place of Skovbjerg and Mackenzie who also sat it out.

And it worked.

Drewe Broughton had the first opportunity to open the scoring after four minutes when he drove wide from all of thirty yards.
But Cheltenham had their turn a few minutes later when Tim Clarke fumbled a shot from MacDonald and the ball rebounded to the pig ugly Grayson who's shot went across the goal much to the relief of the massed ranks of Harriers fans at the other end of this well appointed stadium.

But the relief did come when Webby popped up to score his first ever goal in the Football League. Scott Stamps free kick came back off a defender and when he pumped it back into the area there was Webby waiting to pick up Books punched clearance and wop it into the back of the net.

Seconds later the score was almost doubled when Broughton was foiled by Book.

So far all through the opening stages of the match there had been quite a few niggling fouls from both sides but nothing to compare with what happened on 25 minutes when the ref had no choice but to send off Cheltenhams Howells after first he tangled with Drewe Broughton and then swung a punch at him as he lay on the ground.

Now that we had an advantage in personnel you could sense that it wouldn't be long before we scored again.

Daire Doyle, again having another good game, tried a shot come cross from the left hand side and luckily Tony Bird was handily placed and totally unmarked to slot the ball into the back of the net for the Harriers second goal and also his first Football League goal.

Apart from a shot that went over Clarkies bar from Duff, Cheltenham had offered very little in reply in this half.

But they opened the second half by scoring almost straight from the kick-off.

HT. 0-2

MacDonald, on loan from Charlton, put over a superb cross from the left and there was the grotesque Grayson standing in acres of space to head the ball past Clark from ten yards out.

Of course it's natural that panic starts to enter your mind. We were 2-0 up, they've just scored and we could see it all going badly wrong.
All it needs is one more defensive error and they would have drawn level and all our good work would have been undone.

Cheltenham were pouring forward in their search for an equaliser but at the same time were leaving themselves exposed at the back.

It took another bit of good work from Doyle when he crossed the ball long and low for Broughton to equally fling himself long and low and score the Harriers third goal.

What a relief, they would never get back into it now.

Cheltenhams answer was to get more physical with tackles going in high and elbows flying, but amazingly the ref didn't book anyone from the home team but he did book Stamper who got to the ball before McAuley who then went flying over Scotts legs.

Then he jotted down P M-O's name in the book, which took about ten minutes of trying to spell it correctly, for retaliation after being fouled off the ball.

At the end of the day though it was your typical blood and thunder derby which thankfully ended up with one of our best results of the season.

It also gives us the intriguing possibility that we may be able to achieve maximum points from our last two games of the season.
Against Hartlepool next week at Aggie and in the final game of the season in the beautiful setting of York.

What an upbeat finish to the season that would be.

FT. 1-3

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is  PARFAIT MEDOU-OTYE 

It was a toss up between him and Adie but again he was solid at the back.
If he could only improve his crosses he would be the complete defender.

Clarke, Medou-Otye, Smith, Hinton, Stamps, Bennett, Webb, Bird, Doyle, Hadley, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Skovbjerg, Ducros, MacKenzie, Corbett.

Book, Duff, Banks, Setertori, McCann, Goodridge, Howells, Yates, Milton, MacDonald, Grayson.
Subs;Higgs, McAuley, Walker, Alsop, Devaney.

Yellow. Harriers 3. Broughton, Stamps, Medou-Otye.
Yellow. Cheltenham 0.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Cheltenham 1. Howells.

Referee;H. M. Webb (Rotherham).

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0 28/4/01


Harriers ended their home programme in their first season in the 3rd Division with this disappointing defeat against promotion hopefuls, Hartlepool Utd.

After recent good results against Shrewsbury, Plymouth and Cheltenham the fans were expecting more of the same.

But they never seemed up for it.

Hartlepool started the strongest with shots from Miller and Lormor but it was in the 26th minute when the Harriers were awarded their first ever penalty in the League.

It's a pity it was wasted.

Tinkler handled a through ball from Dean Bennett and the ref had no hesitation in pointing to the spot.
Up stepped Broughton and tamely placed the ball to the right of Williams in the Hartlepool goal.
Williams guessed right and pushed it round the post for a corner.

Broughton then got himself booked.

A few minutes later Tim Clarke made a stunning double save from Lormors header and then saved Millers follow up shot.

HT. 0-0

Hartlepool started the second half with a substitution when they replaced Henderson with Midgely.

Scott Stamps had the Harriers first real chance of the half when his free kick landed on the roof of the net.

Skovbjerg, who was not having his best game, was substituted after the hour by Tony Bird.

Minutes later Birdie won a free kick when Westwood handled and from the free kick Dean Bennett lashed the ball wide.

Then Bird missed the best chance of the game when he missed an open goal after being set up by Broughton who had drifted past two defenders to square the ball to him.

With the clock ticking down and a draw looking the likeliest outcome Hartlepool scored when substitute James Sharp glanced home a header from Stephenson's free kick.

Then to seal a disappointing day for the Harriers Drewe Broughton got himself sent off after a stupid challenge on Barron.

Eight bookings and a sending off in 19 games is not very encouraging is it.

FT. 0-1

Clarke, Stamps, Hinton, Smith, Bennett, Skovbjerg, Medou-Otye, Hadley, Mackenzie, Doyle, Broughton.
Subs;Brock, Webb, Bird, Ducros, Corbett.

Williams, Knowles, Barron, Westwood, Lee, Clark, Tinkler, Stephenson, Miller, Lormor, Henderson.
Subs;Hollund, Fitzpatrick, Easter, Midgley, Sharp.

Yellow. Harriers 2. Broughton, Hinton.
Yellow. Hartlepool 1. Tinkler.

Red. Harriers 1. Broughton
Red. Hartlepool 0.

Referee;P.J. Prosser (Albrighton)

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1 5/5/01


Harriers said farewell to their first season with this 1-0 defeat at York City's Bootham Crescent ground.

It was also farewell to Tim Clarke and John Durnin who have now been released by the club.
Jan chose this game to give both Ben Davies and Andrew Corbett another chance of first team action although both were taken off during the second half.

It was a typical end of season first half with neither team attempting many shots on goal.
York's captain Steve Agnew had three first half chances and Edmondson's header was scooped from under the bar by Adie Smith much to the relief of the Harriers fans.

Minutes later the Harriers had a great chance to take the lead when Daire Doyles shot from the edge of the box was pushed away by Yorks player of the year, Alan Fettis.

Then John Durnin beat the offside trap only to see his shot blocked by ex Baggie Graham Potter.

HT. 0-0

It took all of thirty minutes into the second half for the game to come alive.

Tim Clarke was at fault again when, having come for the cross he then dropped it under pressure.
The ball fell to Alcide, who, with his back to goal, knocked the ball back over his head and despite Scott Stamps effort to stop it going in the net thats where it ended up.

The goal seemed to wake the Harriers up and shots rained in from both Durnin and Tony Bird before Neil Mackenzie finally had the ball in the net.

It was ruled out for offside though.

And then in the dying seconds Macca rolled the ball across the face of goal when it would have been easier to score.

And so endeth our first lesson in the Football League.

FT. 1-0

Clarke, Stamps, Hinton, Smith, Skovbjerg, Medou-Otye, Davies, Durnin, Mackenzie, Doyle, Corbett.
Subs;Brock, Bennett, Bird, Ducros, Hadley.

Fettis, Potter, Basham, Bower, Brass, Edmondson, Cooper, Agnew, Richardson, McNiven, Alcide.
Subs;Howarth, Hocking, Emmerson, Stamp, Wood.

Yellow. Harriers 0.
Yellow. York 2. Basham, Brass.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. York 0.

Referee;K Hill (Herts).

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