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10th july 2001 
  • new squad numbers
  • The club announced the squad numbers for the new season today with a few surprises.

    If you think of them as a pecking order list then there were promotions for Parfait Medou-Otye, Daire Doyle, Drewe Broughton and most surprisingly Stuart Brock.

    Dropping down the list were Ian Clarkson, Tony Bird with Dean Bennett being the surprise this time.

    Both the new signings, Danny Williams and Sam Shilton are in the top eleven with numbers 8 & 11 respectively.

    With Stuart Brock being given the number 1 shirt does this mean that Jan is in no rush to bring in a new keeper to replace Tim Clarke who was released by the club at the end of the season.
    After being transfer listed by Jan earlier in the season Dean Bennett lost his number 7 shirt to Daire Doyle, although Paul Webb who was also listed keeps the number 4 shirt.

    As expected Tony Bird would lose out against Broughton and so did Ian Clarkson who became the scapegoat for many defeats last season.

    It will be interesting to see if Clarkson keeps the Captains armband this season or if it is claimed by Craig Hinton.

    There are two new additions to the squad with Lee Ayres and Peter Faulds picking up shirts 16 & 18.

    The other noticeable thing about the list is that we only have a squad of 22 players, the lowest for years and definitely not enough for the 3rd Division.

    Full listing of all the new numbers below:

  • 1. Stuart Brock
  • 2. Parfait Medou-Otye
  • 3. Scott Stamps
  • 4. Paul Webb
  • 5. Craig Hinton
  • 6. Adie Smith
  • 7. Daire Doyle
  • 8. Danny Williams
  • 9. Drewe Broughton
  • 10. Ian Foster
  • 11. Sam Shilton
  • 12. Ian Clarkson
  • 13. Brendan Murphy
  • 14. Andy Ducros
  • 15. Mark Shail
  • 16. Lee Ayres
  • 17. Ben Davies
  • 18. Peter Faulds
  • 19. Tony Bird
  • 20. Dean Bennett
  • 21. Stewart Hadley
  • 22. Andrew Corbett

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