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12th august 2001 
  • jan didn't agree then

    It's obvious that Jan Molby doesn't use this website then when he totally ignored the unanimous verdict on the recent site poll.

    Harriers-Online asked who you thought would be made Captain for the opening game of the season.

    The result was an overwhelming vote for Craig Hinton who grabbed 58% of the vote with Jan's choice of Mark Blake way behind with only 24%.

    This is how the voting went:

    1. Craig Hinton    19 votes   58%
    2. Mark Blake     8 votes     24%
    3. Adie Smith       6 votes     18%
    4. Ian Clarkson    0 votes
    5. Mark Shail       0 votes

    Still, I think that Jan's choice was probably the right one given Blakey's experience.

    There's now a new poll to vote on re: the Harriers-Online message board.
    It's a multiple choice vote so you can click more than one box.

    It looks a bit complicated but it wasn't very easy to word.

    I shall give it 2 weeks then act on the result.

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