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13th november 2001 

    As requested on the front page we really do need some volunteers for the Footie Quiz that is being run by ITV Digital at the moment.

    The programme is recorded in Manchester, the next one is 16th December.
    And that is the problem.

    Up until now it has been down to KHISA committee members to appear in this. We have asked for other people who may be interested in competing before but have not received any response.

    The next recording of the show clashes with the up coming kids Xmas party and we feel that our place should be with them, hence the need for others to take part.

    Filming takes place on the Sunday but you need to be able to travel up to Manchester on the Saturday evening and stay overnight ready for filming next morning.

    If you want to go and see the Harriers play at Exeter and travel up after the game that is perfectly Ok.

    All your expenses will be paid, within reason. You can go all night clubbing at a dubious nightclub if you wish but don't expect ITV to pick up the tab for it.

    At the moment the Harriers team are in 4th place in their league and strongly tipped for promotion.

    So if you want to join in the fun then please contact us.

    Don't get thinking it will be embarrassing if your mates see you and try to take a urine sample from you, no one's got Digital anyway.

    Either mail or phone via:

    01562 755853

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