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18th october 2001 
  • Hull get let off after coin throwing incident

    It was back on August Bank Holiday Monday when a small section of the Hull City crowd threw coins and bottles at Tony Bird after they thought his goal celebration was a bit OTT.

    The trouble started when the Harriers were awarded a penalty during the second half and after Tony Bird slammed it home he ran to the Kempton Rd side of the crowd to celebrate.

    Now the mighty FA have unleashed their punishment on Hull and let them off.

    City had been in trouble previously over coin throwing incidents and were expecting to be given at least a large fine or being told to close parts of the ground.

    FA spokesman Andrew Cooper said that they were satisfied with the steps that City have taken.

    "We're not taking any action against Hull City.
    We've been working with them and in our opinion they're taking every measure to ensure safety and security.

    They've been working in the community to promote good behaviour and we're happy they're doing everything they can."

    Harriers eventually lost the game 2-1.

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