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22nd december 2001 
  • Halifax match off - we went to see Macca

    The Reds game at Halifax was called off earlier today because of a frozen pitch.

    We were just North of Sheffield when we heard the bad news so a bit of quick thinking was needed.

    We pulled off the motorway and after a look at what other games were available in the area and a few phone calls we plumped for Bury v Blackpool.

    We did consider the Barnsley v Gillingham game but decided the possibility of seeing Neil Mackenzie turning out for Blackpool was too good a chance to miss.

    After a tour of the snowy moorlands outside Huddersfield we picked up the M62 for Bury and arrived about 2:00pm.

    We were made to feel welcome at Bury and joined about another 30 Harriers fans in the home end.

    Lucky for us Macca was on from the start wearing the number 22 shirt, his name was roundly cheered by the Harriers fans. Not!!

    I won't give a review of the game here, suffice it to say that when we get into the 2nd Division we will have nothing to fear.

    Both teams were simply awful.

    Blackpool were a pale shadow of their form last season and sad to say Mackenzie was probably the worst player on the pitch.

    Unlike his time with us when he gave the occasional glimpse of his cultured skills he now showed us nothing.

    He wandered about in midfield trying his level best to avoid any contact with the ball and also with his team mates.

    May be he was a bit put off by the catcalls from the Harriers fans every time he touched the ball.

    He didn't take either of Blackpools two edge of the area free kicks and when he went to take a corner he was told to clear off by a team mate and went to sulk on the edge of the area.

    He got himself booked but to be honest he didn't deserve it, the challenge was 50/50.

    Pool scored midway through the first half against the run of play, it was the first and only thing they had done that half.

    Bury had had their chances but didn't seem to know what to do with the ball in front of goal, a bit like us earlier in the season.

    The second half wasn't much of an improvement but Bury evened things up early on with a cracking goal that went in off.

    For some reason, with Blackpool kicking towards us, we didn't seem to see much of Macca but when we did we made him feel welcome.

    At the time he did the dirty on us we felt we had lost out on a good player, now we know we have missed nothing.

    Final score 1-1 and 14 to get in, I think we should have gone to see Barnsley stuff Gillingham 4-0.

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