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28th march 2002 
Lionel poll

I've finished the 'Was Lionel Newton right' poll and will now start the Player of the Year poll.
Yes I know it's the season and not a calendar year, it just sounds better.

It could have been a 'Who will replace Jan Molby poll' but thankfully that looks to be on ice for the time being. Probably have to do that one during the close season.

Right, results from the Lionel poll showed us that:

  • He was right to resign                           29 votes   44%
  • He was wrong to resign                         6 votes   9%
  • His resignation was good for the club  13 votes   20%
  • Or bad for the club                                18 votes   27%

  • Make of that what you will.

    Obviously most of you agreed with Lionel that he had taken the club as far as he could and if he wanted to make the public sit up and take notice then that was a good way of doing it.

    The mystifying thing was that if it was thought to be a good idea for him to go then shouldn't it also be good for the club!

    No, you thought it would be bad and how right you were.

    After the last weeks events we are now a club in limbo and now it's looking as if it WAS bad for the club.

    We can only hope that Jan Molby will stay with us now that Hull have decided to wait until the end of the season to replace Brian Little and the turmoil in the club can be given a chance to die down.

    As mentioned before the new poll is the Player of the Year/Season one.

    Because you can only get 10 questions on a Bravenet poll I have stretched it over two polls.

    These polls should rotate at random so if you can wait until you have seen both parts, then vote, it should all work out Ok.

    I have put only the players who have made ten or more appearances to whittle it down to about 20 players.

    Drewe Broughton is D Broughton. Long names muck it up.

    It will run until the end of the season unless something else comes up, I hope not.

    Sadly I can't afford a trophy to present to the winner but it'll look good on his CV.

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