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29th march 2002 
Goodbye Jan, and thank you for all you have done

It has finally happened. The day we were all dreading.

Last night in an emergency board meeting Jan tendered his resignation. It was accepted reluctantly by the board who have now thanked him for all he has done for the club.

This has been on the cards for quite a while now, probably since the Halifax game when he publicly slated the fans for not turning up.

It was exacerbated with the resignation of Lionel Newton and then even more so with the over the top efforts of the press to get him to join Hull City.

Hull City have also played their part in this episode by acting all innocent when all along it must have been them that had started the rumours in the first place.

It was obvious that all this negative talk was getting to him and when his wife receives criticism for comments made to the Danish press resignation was the only thing that he could do.

Jan must be a very disappointed man to have to suffer all these brickbats after doing so much for the club only to see it thrown back in his face by fans and press alike.

I think he will probably take a break from football for a bit now and then see if Hull really do want him during the close season or if they feel that he is now soiled goods and then leave him in limbo.

Jan Molby with the Conference Championship Cup

Goodbye Jan, and thank you for all you have done.

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