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30th september 2001 
  • play better/win games gets the vote

    We all knew what the answer would be before I even posted up the poll on how to increase attendances at Aggborough didn't we.

    Forget Kids for a Quid and reducing admission prices it was totally unanimous that the only way the vote was going to go was to play better and win a few games.

    After the recent debacle at Shrewsbury and now yesterdays home defeat against Jan's old club, Swansea, it looks like we will soon be heading for our lowest ever crowd in the 3rd Division.

    The game against Mansfield on the first day of this month was the lowest so far when 2,387 came through the gates to witness a 1-1 draw with a goal from Mark Blake.

    That was also the last goal that we saw at Aggborough.

    This is how the voting went:

    1. reduce prices                   7 votes     9%
    2. 1 off advance tickets     3 votes     4%
    3. bring a friend                   3 votes     4%
    4. kids for a quid                  8 votes     10%
    5. kids free with adult          7 votes     9%
    6. vouchers for free game   3 votes     4%
    7. play better/win games     51 votes   62%
    I shall mail this to Lionel, just in case he hasn't seen it yet, but lets face it, it's the only thing that he can do nothing about

    This months vote is a simple one.

    What does Jan do now?

    I think it's self explanatory.

    Could I make it clear that I do not want Jan to get the sack or to resign.
    I will not be held responsible for any negative result this poll produces.

    Please think carefully before you vote.

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