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4th november 2001 
  • Jan Molby poll result

    A month ago I asked you to vote in the poll re your thoughts on whether Jan should stay or should he go go.

    When I first set it up I thought that most of you would vote for him to go, just like most of the press.

    Well it's obvious that the true fans made their own minds up and weren't swayed by ignorant people that know nothing about Jan and what he has achieved at Aggborough.

    So here's the result:

    • Should he stay...........84 votes...(67%)
    • Or should he go go....41 votes...(33%)
    I'm glad the vote went the way it did because if Jan was to leave who would take his place?

    Look at Bristol Rovers yesterday, they have a manager with an even bigger profile than Jan and they want to get rid of him.

    He should be given time to do the job and not dismissed at the first sign of a problem.

    The result of this poll should also be lesson to Adam Lees of the 3rd World site on Rivals, this is what he wrote about Jan this week:

    Next up is tubby fool Jan Molby.

    The ex Liverpool player has held onto his job at Kidderminster on the back of the 1999/2000 promotion winning season. Now even the fans have lost faith in the man they regarded as their saviour.

    Clueless in the transfer market, foolish on the field and ruthless in the dining room, Molby is closer to the end than even Terry Dolan in my view and 25% of you agree.

    Click here for full story.

    That was about who would be getting the sack and the next one he refers to which team will go down this season:

    Last but not least are Kidderminster. With a bafoon (sic) of a boss in Jan Molby they are bound to fail.

    It's really now only question of how much longer they can go on without making a management change.
    If they leave it too late then they simply won't have a chance. Additionally, any replacement will have to try and clearly up Molby's mess before a recovery starts.

    Poor things.

    Click here for full story.

    And this is from someone who supports Halifax Town!!

    The next poll is for the safe standing issue in the new stand.

    Personally I don't think what we say will make a blind bit of difference but it is a chance to make your views known.

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