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8th august 2001 
  • hinton next for big money move?

    After yesterday's news of Ex-Harrier favourite Lee Hughes move to Coventry City comes the news that present day favourite Craig Hinton is catching the eye of the other Sky Blue club.

    Manchester City have admitted that they have been watching Craig in the pre-season friendlies and may be about to launch a bid for his services.

    If the Harriers were prepared to sell Hinton it would not be for less than 1,000,000 after Lionel Newton said recently that he would not be interested in anything under 1m plus a sell-on clause.

    In the case of Hughsie that has now been finalised and he will be meeting the worlds press tomorrow morning at Highfield Rd after signing for 1 over the 5,000,000 mark.

    The 15% that we get will be below the 750,000 that everyone thought we would get because the sell on clause was based on the profit that WBA would make from the deal.
    That's 5,000,000 - 380,000 x 15% = 693,000.

    The problem now is that Jan will see very little of it.

    Some will go to Lionel to pay back a short term loan, some towards the new stand, some for Courage Brewery in exchange for their insipid beer and then whats left will probably be used to pay back ex Chairman Dave Reynolds loan.

    So I don't think we will be seeing a new keeper unless Hinton goes.

    The one good thing from the Hughsie deal is that he's gone to the second best club in the I'm happy.

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