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The team should hang their heads in shame.

This evening I travelled the short distance into Shropshire to watch a team of six young lads and one old man play their hearts out.
They came up against a Shrewsbury team made up of seven lads who played in the shirts of their team and played with pride.

We played in a mixture of old and new Kidderminster Harriers shirts because the club that we represented were too stingy to lend us some to play in.
They would rather lend them to a team from Barclays Bank than let us use them.

And that is what they think of their own supporters.

Although we finished on the losing side we went off with our heads held high, unlike that other team that were representing Kidderminster Harriers this evening.

I'm glad that I didn't go to Blackpool last season, although I did see the FA Cup game against Carlisle and that was just as bad.

How the hell can this team, and Jan, go to bed tonight without worrying for their future.
Because if we turn out much more tripe like that we shall be back playing Forest Green and Hereford before too long.

Come on Jan, explain to everyone the reasoning behind your team selection tonight. We would love to hear it.

Scott Stamps at centre half, what was that all about?

Abdou Sall sat on the bench, all the way through the game, what was that all about?

Drewe Broughton at centre forward, what's that all about?

Tony Bird sent on far too late when he should have been on from the start, what was that all about?

It's up to you and Lionel now Jan and you can start by looking at yourselves.

Lionel, if you want the crowds to come back to Aggborough take a look at the poll on the front page of this site, take a look at the very tall, purple bar that says 'play better/win games 57% of the vote'

Do you think tonights rubbish will get them back?

Jan, start being honest with yourself and your players.

Are you good enough and tough enough?

Are they good enough and tough enough?

Personally I think that you are good enough but the team are not.
They don't play with passion or pride.
They don't play with the tenacity or skill that the game demands.
In short, they would rather be somewhere else.

And two of those that I would like to see somewhere else right now are Drewe Broughton and Stewart Hadley.
They are in the team for one purpose and one purpose only.

To stick the ball INTO THE BACK OF THE NET.

Sell Broughton to Oxford as soon as you can and please get a striker who is prepared to run, fight and terrorise defences because sure as eggs is eggs Broughton will never be one of those.

And it's the same for Hadley, what did he do when he came on to join up with Drewe as our twin strike force?

Ship them both out now, before it's too late.

The match

Jagielka scored for the Shrews in the 5th minute as our defence stood watching.
We passed the ball sideways, backwards and sideways again then we hoofed it up.

We did this about twenty times, (and people were criticising Barry Horne for doing it last season !!)

Just before the end of the first half Luke Rodgers (now theres someone who doesn't stand around waiting for the ball to drop at his feet) scored simply one of the most stunning goals ever to be seen.
It was just as good, if not better, than Tony Cottees strike for Barnet at Aggborough last season.

He picked the ball up well outside the area, zipped past one motionless Harriers defender, then another.
He went into the area with the ball still at his feet and, asking another defender for permission to waltz past him, let fly with such a ferocious shot that almost burst the back of the net.

HT. 2-0

Four minutes into the new half Rodgers completed the second third of his hat trick when his powerful header hit the underside of the bar and bounced down over the line.

In between that one and his final goal we passed the ball sideways, backwards and hoofed it up.

Jan sent on Birdie and Shilton in place of Williams and Ducros then later he sent on Hadley for Foster.

We carried on passing the ball sideways, backwards anywhere bar the back of the bloody net until Rodgers grabbed his last goal.

Murray split our defence and Rodgers stopped to ask Adie Smith and Scott Stamps if it was Ok to carry on, they must have said yes, so he did.

I'm sorry this wasn't my usual sarcastic match report, I'll try better next time.

Which is a damn sight more than this team want to do.

FT. 4-0

Harriers-Online Man of the Match is

All of the lads who turned out to represent KHISA against Shrewsbury Supporters Club

Although they lost 8-4 it was the first time they had played together.

They came off the pitch totally exhausted unlike that rabble that we saw at Gay Meadow


Brock, Clarkson, Joy, Stamps, Smith, Blake, Williams, Davies, Broughton, Ducros, Foster.
Subs;  Murphy, Shilton, Bird, Hadley, Sall.

Cartwright, Drysdale, Heathcote, Rioch, Redmile, Aiston, Murray, Atkins, Jagielka, Rodgers, Jemson.
Subs;  Dunbavin, Tretton, Wilding, Lowe, Moss.

Yellow. Harriers 1. Davies
Yellow. Shrewsbury 0.

Red. Harriers 0.
Red. Shrewsbury 0.

Referee;R.J. Olivier (Sutton Coldfield).

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