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16th May 2003 
Danny Williams is in-communicado

After announcing that three players had signed new one year contracts today and one other had agreed to an even shorter one the Harriers then announced that the one we all want to know about wasn't even answering his phone.

Yes.  The Danny Williams story continues with the news that Ian Britton has spent the last week trying to get in touch with the popular midfielder but he's not answering his phone and there's no one at his house either.

In fact the reports are that his house is up for sale.

Danny is thought to be back at his parents home in Wrexham and all attempts to contact him there have also failed

Danny must know by now that the club are only offering yearly contracts and that this is not what he wants.  Also it has been said that his girlfriend wants to see him further his career at a higher placed club and that she thinks he's underpaid at Aggborough anyway.

The club have now posted him a copy of the contract and hope that will bring a result.

Ian Britton said to the Official website earlier today:
"Iíd like Danny to stay but I canít force him to.  Itís a similar situation to what we had with Richie Appleby last summer.  We canít and wonít wait for ever.

If Danny decides he doesnít want to sign a new contract then weíll have to move our attentions elsewhere."

There is a benefit to the club in all this.  If Danny does decide to leave the club then it will not be subject to a 'Bosman transfer' and the club stand to gain a small amount of compensation because Danny is under 24yrs old.  The amount would be settled by tribunal.

The players who have been offered new one year contracts are Sean Flynn, John Danby and Sam Shilton.  They are all expected to accept the offer.

Lee Ayres is the one who has been offered half a contract.  I presume that this will be up to Christmas and if the contract is not to be extended then he will be allowed to leave during then transfer window in January.

Britton say's that he has until then to prove himself.
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