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11th June 2003 
Drewe finds his Roots (hall)

Drewe Broughton finally signed on the dotted this morning and said his goodbyes to the Aggborough faithful.

He had a medical at his new Rootshall home, the home of Southend Utd, and agreed to a two year contract after speaking to his new boss Steve Wignall.  In what could be seen as a typical soundbite from a newly signed player he dissed his old club by saying:
"The facilities are fantastic here.  As I said I have been in this division with Peterborough and Kidderminster and I have to say that the facilities here are better than both of those clubs.  The set-up here is really good and I canít wait to get started."

Thank you Drewe.

Drewe signs for Southend...Photo courtesy of Southend website Earlier in the day he told the worlds press as he departed Aggborough:
"I'm disappointed to be leaving Kidderminster.  I've enjoyed it here and it's disappointing things haven't worked out a little better.  Whatever happens to me during the rest of my career I will always look back fondly at my time here.  I think I developed my game more whilst I have been here and matured as a person."

In Drewes favour he never really failed in his time here.  It's just that he never reached the potential that we could all see that he had.  He was a very physical player and his persistent use of his elbows never went down well with referees and he became a marked man.

His biggest fault though was a shocking record in front of goal.  The times he missed an open goal are legendary and nearly always seemed to come on the worst possible occasion.  Rushden in the FA Cup last season is the one that comes to mind.  He finds the ball at his feet on the edge of the area.  Takes it round Billy Turdey and from all of 2yds out blasts it over the bar.  The groan that came from the Harriers fans was deafening.

I'll be the first to admit that I've been one of Drewes biggest critics but it was never without reason.  I would also give him praise when he played well.   It's still sad to see him go though.  Especially to a club in the same division, a club that have failed to achieve anything in recent years.  It's a bit of a kick in the teeth to a supposedly ambitious club like the Harriers.
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