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Harriers turn in the worst performance seen since Jan Molby returned.
Another penalty missed and the rest of the strugglers pick up points.
  G Williams 64
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Saturday 7th February 2004 
Memories of Southend

The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that my Man of the Match vote only has two names this week.  I make no apologies for this.  I haven't forgotten to put all the rest of the names in, it's just that they don't deserve to be there.

Adam Murray and Wayne Hatswell were the only ones to give 100% in this game, the rest, with maybe the exception of Dean Bennett and Scott Rickards, didn't.

With the departure of Adie Smith we look even more vulnerable in defence and his replacement, Matt Gadsby, had a howler of a game.  When Matt first came to the club I had high hopes for him but now I can see that I was mistaken.  He lacks awareness of players around him and even when he has space to think and move he still fails to do anything creative with the ball.  It was his mis-placed pass that led to the Yeovil goal.

Ironically that was the only real chance of a goal that they had and it was handed to them on a plate.

We had our chances in the first twenty minutes to grab an early lead with Scott Rickards, thankfully getting a start alongside Christiansen, coming close with his first chance.  The ball was played forward but deflected slightly by a Yeovil defender.  Quick as a flash Rickards was onto it and his shot was only just stopped by the Yeovil keeper, Weale.

With Adam Murray taking the role of the master chef we were starting to carve plenty of openings through the visitors rocky defence and it looked only a matter of time before we took the lead but then fate struck when Yeovil made an early substitution.

Nick Crittenden, just back from injury, was taken off and replaced by Lee Elam.  The Glovers management opted to change the formation from 4-4-2 to 5-3-2 and in doing so swamped the midfield.  After that we never looked the same.

HT. 0 - 0

The second half could only get better, but it didn't.  We continued to be over run in midfield and were starting to make mistakes at the back.  It was from one of these that Yeovil scored their goal.

In the 63rd minute, and with the game looking to be heading for a goal-less draw, for some unknown reason Gadsby opted to play the ball to no-one in particular.  It was collected, with thanks, by Gavin Williams who then advanced fully 30yds without any Harriers player challenging him.  Stuart Brock kind of made a move and Williams slid the ball under him into the net.

Still we showed no urgency to rescue the situation and even the introduction of John Williams for Rickards just before the goal made no difference.  Willo hardly got a touch of the ball and Christiansen had become even more anonymous although he did have calls for a penalty turned down after he found himself pushed over in the box.

In midfield passes were going astray and our defence was still having a mare with only Hatswell doing something right and mopping up so it came as something of a relief that we were awarded a penalty in the dying stages of the game.

Adam Lockwood brought down Willo and, the out of his depth, referee waved play on until his attention was drawn towards his assistant waving his flag vigorously.  After a melee with the Yeovil players protesting the ball was eventually placed on the spot ready for Murray to take it but then they decided to stand in front of the ball.  The referee was losing it by now and took a good two minutes to finally move them away and wield the yellow cards.

We now knew what would happen next and we weren't let down.  Well we were because Murray missed it.  He aimed the ball towards the left hand side of the goal but without the force needed to ensure it got buried.  Weale got down to it and pushed it around the post for a corner.

From that corner, taken by Murray, Dean Bennett headed the ball into the net but for some reason known only to the ref and his maker he dis-allowed it.

In the final second Jesper actually got his act together for the first time in weeks and made an attempt to score but his weak header went over the bar.

This was a shocking display from the majority of the team and was reminiscent of the game that signalled the end for Ian Britton.  The game against Southend.  I'm not saying that Jan Molby should go but this is the team he's supposed to be building for the future and so far we have just three recruits, Murray, Rickards and Hatswell.

If other results keep going against us we could find ourselves even further into the doo doo after next weeks game at Southend.

FT. 0 - 1

The Harriers-Online
Man of the Match is : 
Wayne Hatswell & Adam Murray

The only ones worthy of a place against Cheltenham.

Best for them:  Gavin Williams.

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