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1st July 2004 
The exodus continues

Another nail entered into our Football League coffin today when crowd favourite Dean Bennett left to join up with another crowd pleaser, Danny Williams, at League 1 side Wrexham AFC.

At the end of last season Deano verbally agreed to sign a new contract once his old one had expired.  The expiry date was yesterday and at the same time the official Wrexham website announced that there would be a new signing next day.

Dean Bennett I saw it on NewsNow but failed to put two and two together until this mornings news that Deano had, not un-expectedly, reneged on the deal.  This move could have been arranged quite a while ago but the gut feeling is that the loss of Adam Murray confirmed in Deanos mind that it was time to get out while he could.

Can't blame the lad really because recent events would dispirit anybody.

He has gone to Wales on a two year contract but at the same salary as he got at Aggie.  He has told the Harriers official site that he didn't go for the money, just the chance to better himself was too good to miss.

He also said to the Wrexham press earlier;
"I played at The Racecourse when Wrexham were in the third division and we won 2-0.  Itís a lovely ground and the facilities here at Wrexham are much better than those at Kidderminster.  Thatís why I feel this is an important move for me.  Iím joining a bigger club and hopefully there is the potential here to win promotion and go up another division.

I was at West Brom when Dennis Smith was the manager there, but I was only a kid at the time.  I donít suppose he even knew I was there!  Itís funny how things work out in football, but Iím determined to do all I can for him and Wrexham and Iím really pleased to be joining the club."

Dennis Smith answered with:
"I think Dean was at West Brom as a kid when I was there as manager.  I noticed him at Kidderminster when I was keeping an eye on Danny Williams and I thought, Ďheís not bad if anything ever happens to Carlos (Edwards)í . . . and look whatís happened.

Deanís quick, strong and direct.  Iíve given him a two-year contract but, to be honest, the financing of the deal is going to be a problem.

I thought we might have sold Carlos this summer until this problem arose.  Whatever we got for him would have come in handy for this, and possibly other, deals.  But if Carlos is staying and we still have to finance Dean Bennettís arrival, it makes things difficult.

"At least Iíve now got a replacement for Carlos and obviously Iím relieved about that.  Dean can play anywhere down the right - at full-back and in midfield so heís obviously versatile and that is precisely the sort of player we need what with having such a small squad.  We need players who can do jobs for us in various positions and Dean can do that."

Reading between the lines there it looks like Deano was on the sub's list regarding new signings at The Racecourse Ground and with their very precarious financial position he may not be there very long.

Where does that leave us though?

Jan Molby is still in Portugal playing fiddle and obviously can't influence decisions here.  The fact that he is contracted for his media work but is not contracted to the Harriers for his managerial duties makes one wonder what the hell is going on at the club.

We've be told by an under siege Steve Thomas to wait until the fan's forum at the end of the month but I'm afraid that many fans will not wait that long and want answers now.

I've heard mice make more noise in the boardroom than Colin Youngjohns has this week.
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