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21st January 2005 
Oxford Utd
At Aggborough
22/1/05    3:00pm
Stuart Watkiss has told a few more underachieving players that their time is up at Aggborough and that the club will listen to any offers for them.  Abdou Sall and Steve Burton are the only ones to be named so far but the other three are expected to be Jamie Gleeson, Chris McHale and maybe Ian Foster.

Personally I agree with the first three mentioned but I'm not too sure about McHale and Foster.  At least they are both fit and able to put in a good performance, unlike Reuben Hazell and Iyseden Christie.  I just cannot see either of those two ever playing for us and if they did it would only be for a few games before they became injured again.

Let's write them both off now, get two fit lads in their place and keep the two that give their all whenever they play.  We do need fit reserves after all.

For our only, and good, chance of a double this season we'll be facing Oxford without Lee Jenkins.  As we all know he was cruelly dismissed at Macclesfield last week but no one seems to be sure if it's for one game or three.

In his place Stuart Watkiss has been trying to bring in a replacement this week but Chris Holland (Boston), Ciaran Toner (Lincoln) and Dean Bennett??? (Wrexham) why?, have all turned, or been turned down.  There is still time to bring someone in by 5:00pm this evening but who can he turn to next.

We appear to have no immediate injuries in the squad and I'm not going to repeat yet again the names of the two that are injured.  Lets just put them at the back of our mind and make believe that they don't play for us.

Oxford are on a bit of a run at the moment but not that you would notice it.  Their only defeat in the past two months was at home to us at Christmas and the remainder of their recent games all seem to have been goal less draws.

Their new manager, Ramon Diaz, seems intent on populating his new side with as many foreigners as he can get his hands on.  Coming soon to an unfinished stadium near you is the ex Newcastle Utd midfielder Lucas Cominelli.  Ever heard of him? No, neither have I.  Same goes for another one he's got lined up in Frenchman Amine Karam.

Diaz has sent out Marke Rawle to Tammuth on loan so he won't be facing us and I don't know what the injury situation is down there but both Simon Cox and Chris Hackett played in a friendly in mid week and should be in the squad to face us.

Most Oxford fans seem to think they're going to beat us and then go on to win the league at a canter.  They're sitting in 17th place at the minute.


Harriers from:
Danby, Lewis, Steve Burton, Burns, Mullins, Jones, Sall, Weaver, Bennett, Hatswell, McHale, Beardsley, McGrath, Keates, Morrison, Gleeson, Sturrock, Birch, Foster, Russell.

Oxford from:
Tardif, Cox, Mackay, Robinson, Roget, Ashton, Woozley, Hackett, Mooney, Basham, Bradbury, Rawle, Wanless, Wolleaston, Quinn, Parker, Brown, Brooks, E'Beyer, Morgan, Clarke, Doudou, Molyneaux, Cominelli, Judge, Winters, Paul Burton, Davies, Corbo.
Previous games against Oxford
Harriers score first
2004 - 05
1 - 3
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2003 - 04
1 - 1
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2002 - 03
1 - 3
1 - 2
2001 - 02
0 - 0
1 - 1
2000 - 01

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