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Date: 01-09-05 They've got the balls to walk..
..to give you the balls to live.

That could be the headline that catches your eye and with good reason.   Testicular cancer is the most common cancer amongst young men between the ages of 20 and 35, although it can develop in boys as young as 15.    Currently about 2000 men a year develop the disease in the UK.

The incidence of testicular cancer has risen dramatically over the last 20 years.    The causes of the increase are unknown.

Men with one or more undescended testes have a greatly increased risk - 10% of testicular cancer patients have a history of this condition.

Testicular cancer can have a strong genetic component.    First degree relatives (brothers, fathers or sons) of testicular cancer patients have up to a 10-fold increased risk of developing this disease.

Testicular cancer normally presents itself as a lump in the testicle.    Regular examination of the testicle can, in most instances, detect testicular cancer at an early stage but neglect can lead to presentation with advanced cancer.    If a lump or change in the testicles is identified, a GP will arrange for a testicular ultrasound which would then indicate if the lump was benign or a possible tumour.

Treatment for testicular cancer may be very intensive, but most patients cured of testicular cancer have no long-term side effects from treatment.    A small proportion of patients will become infertile after chemotherapy treatment.    Other side effects of treatment are uncommon but may include damage to the nerve endings, hearing, spasms in the blood vessels and possibly an increased risk of heart disease in the future.    There may be a small increased risk of developing other cancers.    The risks of these problems are fewer if the cancer is treated early.

So there are the stark facts and the reason why this item is here is because three long time Harriers fans, and also KHIST members, have decided to undertake a walk to help raise funds to combat this disease.

Below is the press release from KHIST:


Three adventurous Kidderminster Harriers fans are preparing to tackle the 160 mile trek from Kidderminster to an away match at Grays Athletic.    David Goode, Tim Price and Jonathan Smith will be leaving Aggborough at 10am on Saturday 3rd September and will arrive at Grays on Saturday 10th September.    Their reason is not to save on the coach fare but to raise money for the Football Association's Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign and for Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters Trust (KHIST).

Covering the equivalent of a marathon every day, the trio hope to reach the Essex club in time for a celebratory drink before the game and they will be joined for the final mile by other Harriers supporters who have opted to travel the easy way.

Speaking before the walk, David Goode said "We decided that as we go to every away game for our own enjoyment we ought to give something back.    All three of us are members of KHIST but we decided that the Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign was very important so we decided to give half of the money towards it."

It is expected that supporters of other clubs along the route, such as Northampton Town, will welcome the trio as they pass through and that Grays Athletic will welcome them into the stadium at the finish.    "In spite of the image that football fans often have, deep down we're all one big family" added Jono Smith.    "Nearly 1000 has already been raised before the walk begins and we hope to gather some donations along the way."

KHIST Chairman Alan Shepherd praised the three friends.    "While we welcome the efforts the lads are making for us, we also support their contribution to the FA's campaign, which has been chosen because football has the target audience of large numbers of men gathered in one place at one time."

Sponsorship forms are available from the Harriers Club Shop, The Harriers Arms and at the ground on Friday, as well as on-line here at www.khist.org.uk

Other important sites related to this campaign and disease can be found at:
Everyman      Cancer Research UK      BBC - Health Awareness      The FA.Com - Cancer Awareness

Notes: KHIST is one of over 130 Supporters Trusts that have been formed since 1999, many of which now actually run their football club.    It is registered as an Industrial and Provident Society and is therefore regulated by the Registrar of Friendly Societies.    We operate in a totally democratic and transparent manner, in the interests of the club, the supporters and football in general, across the community they serve and with the help and guidance from the Government-backed Supporters Direct initiative.

Although we aim to support the Club through financial investment, this is not the sole objective of the Trust.    We also aim to facilitate more effective channels of communication between KHFC and its supporter base, as well as promoting the club in the wider community and encouraging local youth involvement (be it as supporters or in a playing capacity).    There are also plans to link with other local Supporters Trusts in a wider initiative that will enable elderly, disabled and disadvantaged supporters to attend matches for free.

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