The Prediction League rules

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The Prediction League rules

Post by Phil » Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:43 am

These are the rules of the league as drawn up by Colgofray.

Points Awarded
Home Games
Correct result = 1 point
Correct score = 2 points

Away Games
Correct result = 2 points
Correct score = 4 points

Remember, in this new league, you can also win a point by naming Harriers first goalscorer (where there is one).

· In the event of a game being abandoned, the result and score at the time of the stoppage will stand. The re-arranged game will still be included as/when it is re-scheduled.

· Competition participants can enter ‘own goal’ as their predicted first goal without nominating a specific opposing player. If the first Harriers goal scored in a game is officially credited as an own-goal, then that will be deemed the correct prediction.

· Late entrants into the Harriers Premier Prediction League will start at the lowest points already gained by any current participant(s).