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Steve Harley RIP

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2024 3:22 pm
by Phil
I saw Steve and the Rebel 4 times. Twice at Malvern and twice at the Odeon in Birmingham. Every show was brilliant.

One show in Brum the 'roadies' etc were setting up. One on the drums, some tuning guitars and one doing a bit of sweeping the stage. Crowd music was playing and we were all just waiting expectantly for the show to start.

Suddenly the opening bars of Death Trip started and people looked up as the roadies picked up the guitars and one sat down behind the drums. The sweeper put his broom down, approached the mike, and went into 'Now we're on a death trip, listen to the blood drip, ever thought of dying slowly, ever thought of dying totally, un-holy'

Mind-blowing and I'll never forget it.

He was dismissed by many so called experts but for his fans he was the best.

Re: Steve Harley RIP

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2024 5:04 pm
by Grenoble Harrier
I saw Steve at the Gloucester leisure centre in 1988. Top gig!
Also, if my memory serves me, the PA was belting out 'Make me smile' in the warm-up to our play-off semi final against Kings Lynn, end of last season...
Happy days :)