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Saturday 23rd April 2005  
A black day for the Harriers

And what a black day it's been.  First some scrote messes up the Harriers Chatter forum and then my team mess up my life.

We all knew that we were on borrowed time here but to end this way is terrible.  After years of struggling to get out of the Conference and having to sit by as, first Macclesfield, and then Cheltenham jump the queue in front of us we finally made it in the year of the Millenium and then sit back as we see the team that we pipped to get here, Rushden, join us followed by Boston a year later with Yeovil finally making it two seasons ago.

We've cringed as both Cheltenham and Rushden have got themselves into the next division up or whatever it was called at the time they did it and come straight back down again and now this year we can congratulate Yeovil on their possible promotion.

Meanwhile we slip back without a murmer or a burst blood vessel, except from the fans, into non-league obscurity where we oh so rightfully belong.  For this we can only thank the board of Kidderminster Harriers PLC for their ability to impersonate the band on the Titanic as it slowly slips beneath the waves.

At Boston today the fans were expecting a repeat of the final fifteen minutes of the game against Yeovil last Saturday but they didn't even get fifteen seconds worth.  Up against a Boston side with half out through injury and Mothercares best customers on the bench we should have gone all out for goals.  Instead we went all out to wear out the referees pencil.

John McGrath found himself booked for a bad tackle in the first minutes of the game with Bertrand Cozic almost following suit with a bad tackle on Danny Thomas a few minutes later that went un-punished.

The first goal for Boston came on fifteen minutes when Thomas put a ball across the area for Jermaine Easter to slot home past John Danby.  The second one followed on the thirty minute mark when Jason Lee tapped the ball home from Brad Mayletts corner.

With the first half drawing to a close the game burst into the wrong kind of life when Lee head butted Mark Jackson to earn himself a red card.  For allowing Lee to give him the 'Glasgow kiss' Jacko got a yellow.

HT. 2 - 0

The second half started with a subbing for us when Stuart Watkiss decided to go all out in the effort to get a shot on goal.  Simon Weaver came off for Chris Beardsley and later on a miraculously fit again Christie came on for the ineffective Blair Sturrock.

Mark Rawle came close to getting a goal for us just before Maylett made sure that there would be no amazing comeback by getting a third goal for an equally poor Boston.  He flicked the ball over Wayne Hatswells head and continued the dummy by placing the ball out of reach of Danby for the goal that sealed our fate.

It's not actually all over yet but it may as well be.  We have to hope that Rushden lose both their remaining games 10 - 0 and we can win ours by the kind of score Worcester Warriors rack up each week.

I'm already looking forward to renewing old acquaintances next season with Stevenage, Woking and Northwich.  Such are dreams made of.

FT. 3 - 0

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