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With the heartbreak of being relegated we now find our club on the verge of some nasty takeover rumours.

A business man from Farnborough wants to take over and eventually build a nice new hotel where the ground stands.

He's already tried it on at Farnborough and been told to get lost.  The fans are getting upset and we don't want to become the next Wrexham, but we may not be able to resist the money.

With the relegation confirmation comes the clearout and first out in preparation for the Conference is our star player, Reuben Hazell.  He must be because he was our highest wage earner on £1,200 a week (allegedly), pity he never actually played for us then.

Also out is Jamie Gleeson who hardly ever played.  They both activated contract clauses that let them leave if we went down, but the only teams that will have them are non-league anyway.

Knowing that you need to take maximum points from the last three games, while hoping that the only team standing in the way of your safety will only get two points from theirs.  You surely go all out to win don't you?

Not if your in the Kidderminster Harriers squad you don't.  We didn't even turn up and compete at Boston on Saturday.  We got ourselves relegated without a whimper and now we are well and truly non-league again.

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One of the best players ever to pull on a Harriers shirt played his last game for us against Yeovil last Saturday.

Johnny Mullins came to us on loan from Reading before Christmas and was a bright light in a bad season for us.

Near the start of the game on Saturday he pulled his hamstring and hobbled off to rapturous applause from the fans with a tear in his eye.  Thanks Johnny, and the best of luck for the future.

Some expected news this week is that Reuben Hazell will probably never strike a ball in anger for us.  After signing during pre-season training he got injured before the ink was dry.

Hazell's contract contains a non Conference clause in it and he'll be free to leave if, when, we go down.  Add in Christie and Mellon and we have half the seasons wages wasted on these permanently injured players that have played just 14 games between them.

The end is drawing near and many fans are thinking that we are definitely going down following yet another shambolic performance at Wycombe.

A 15-minute drum and voice rendition of The Great Escape greeted the team as they came out and they didn't even understand the passion behind it.

They showed no interest in defending at all and Nathan Tyson could have scored six, let alone three.

Three key moments occurred against Mansfield on Monday which were laughable to say the least.

1.  Our striker is clear on goal, the keeper brings him down and only gets a yellow card.
2.  The same striker is again assaulted by the keeper and the ref ignores the sending-off offence.
3.  We score, but it's ruled out because the striker is judged to have fouled the keeper.  I give up!

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The big chance to close the gap on Rushden came and went on Saturday after both sides battled it out in a mediocre scoreless draw.

We do have a five game un-beaten run to our name but that's no good if we don't win when we really need to.

Easter games at Darlington and at home to Mansfield will make us or break us.  Four points and we'll be happy, nil points and that will be that.

A controversial win at Notts saw the Reds extend their un-beaten run but, wouldn't you know it, Rushden are on a good run of their own.

They upset all Harriers fans with their late winner against the Cobblers last week so the re-run of the game that got us into the Conference in 2000 now takes on even greater importance.

It's still a four point gap, but not for long.

Cheltenham came to Aggborough claiming how they were going to send us back to the Conference and put themselves three points closer to the play-offs.

They were sent back to Gloucestershire with a flea in their ears after being ripped to shreds by a superior footballing power.

In the end it was just a game that we had to win to preserve our League status.  It continues at Notts County this weekend.

We've taken the lead in the last three games and ended up with just two points out of a possible six.

The draw at Rochdale would have been a good result until Cambridge grabbed a late winner to climb above us.

This Saturday we face the Premiership side in waiting, Cheltenham.  We have got to take all three and just pray that all the other 'in danger' sides draw or lose.

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It looks like the end is drawing near now.  Saturday, 2-0 up at Shrewsbury and we throw it all away in 15 minutes of diabolical defending.

Onto Tuesday and we know that to catch Rushden we have to beat Bristol Rovers.  We ended up struggling to draw while the Diamonds knock three past Bury.

There's a seven point gap now and it's all starting to look impossible for us.
We'll need a miracle at Rochdale.

Up the River Severn to Shrewsbury this weekend and after the horror show against Chester we'll need to change our attitude in the future.  The game was like an end-of-season, mid-table match where no one gives a damn and the result doesn't matter either way.

Don't our pea-brain players realise that we HAD to beat Chester to close the gap on Rushden.  One shot on goal for us and a defensive clanger gave the wrong side all three points.

When will we start to put two consecutive results together?  OK, we haven't won many this season but when we do we don't even get a draw in the following game.  The last game we drew was back in October against Cambridge United.

We came close to a point at Scunthorpe last week and it's something that we must work on for away games.  Every point is important now and it won't be entertaining but we've got to shut-up-shop at places like Glanford Park.

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In this Division there are some teams that most people have a soft spot for.

Mine is Cambridge Utd.  Beautiful City,friendly club with friendly fans.

So it makes it hard when we go there for such an important game, end up winning against all odds and maybe condemn them to the Conference.

The fans are doing all they can to save the club and Harriers fans will be hoping that they manage it.

For whom does the bell toll?  After Saturdays soul-destroying defeat against Oxford it's tolling for our future in the Football League.

Again the defence went to sleep in the first half with Tom Bennett guilty of the worst case of forty winks seen in a long time.

We're heading East to Cambridge this weekend.  Lose this and that bell will be heard for miles.

Stuart Watkiss must feel like jumping off the top of the main stand at Aggborough after seeing yet another Jekyll and Hyde performance.  After a stunning win against Lincoln, the fans were all fired up for the trip to Macclesfield so why wasn't the team.

It was back to the poor passing and lack of awareness and movement that characterised our side in the Molby years.  When will it get through to them that we are heading for the trap door.

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That wonderful feeling you get when your team wins came back to us on Saturday when we ripped Lincoln to pieces, albeit after a dodgy first ten minutes.

Simon Weaver excelled against his old club and their front men hardly had a look in.  Simon Russell tormented their defenders throughout and now we need to take that form to Macclesfield.

On paper Macc should win this one, but I reckon we could nick three points.

We didn't expect to get a lot of points this Christmas but it was nice to get three out of a possible twelve.

After the Oxford victory it was thought we could get another one, and we almost did at Leyton Orient.  Back down to earth on Monday though when Southend came on a smash-and-grab mission.

Following that defeat the boss read the riot act again so they've got to try a bit harder when we face Lincoln.

With that fantastic result at Oxford we can now go into 2005 with a renewed sense of expectation.  Stuart Watkiss is getting the type of players in that we need in a relegation battle and they are slowly turning our season around.

When we do lose we won't get on his back because we know that when he says he'll weed out the non triers he'll do it.  I hope and pray, that we'll be safe come May and it'll all be thanks to Stuey and his tough guy tactics.

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What hope we had of going into Christmas on a high was shattered after losing at Cheltenham on Saturday.

Our disastrous season, so far, seemed to be getting better with Stuart Watkiss.

He has replaced Jan Molby's underperforming squad with a team that now play with a good level of self belief but no amount of confidence will win you games if lady luck isn't in your team.

Stuart Watkiss seems to have got the 'bit between his teeth' now regarding the type of players that he wants at Aggborough.  Out have gone the disappointing Mellon, Diop and Advice and in their places have come Chris Beardsley, Simon Weaver and now the highly rated Gary Birch from Walsall.

We had a glimpse of the first two in the win against Rochdale last week and on Saturday the Harriers hordes will be jetting down the M5 to see Birchy knock a couple past an underperforming Cheltenham.

New manager Stuart Watkiss saw his team in action for the first time on Tuesday when they lost at Yeovil.  For once we scored first, and things were looking up, but Yeovil equalised within minutes and then went on to get a late winner.

Stuart has got a big job on his hands, mainly because we have a small squad of 15 fit players, now that Mellon has left.  More are needed by Saturday, but we still have no money and we are not allowed any more loan deals.

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We're happy Harriers again following the appointment of the former Mansfield boss Stuart Watkiss as our new leader.

He comes with a decent pedigree of getting the best out of players and working with young apprentices, but can he hack it with the older ones?

With 27 games to get us out of this mess it won't be easy with little money to spend and loans used up.  He can start by extending Shaun Coopers' loan.

After Youssou Diop hobbled back alone to the tunnel after an altercation with the physio at Grimsby you'd think there was no smoke without fire.  So it seemed when Diop was 'sacked' on Monday but the physio stayed.

We're still waiting for more smoke to rise from the boardroom chimney to announce the new manager.  Safe bets are on Shaun Cunnington with Graham Allner upstairs.

There's a protest against the board planned for the Northampton game.

Our Cup run finished earlier than most this season when we saw another 2nd half collapse at Port Vale on Friday.

For once we scored first, then Ryan Clarke saved a Vale penalty to set us on our way to a glorious victory.  Hopes were dashed minutes later as our old frailties came back to haunt us and we let in three goals in ten minutes of madness.

Grimsby this week where we need to start picking up some points.

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Chants of ĎSack the Boardí rang out around Aggborough on Saturday as we watched our team turn in a pathetic second half performance against Boston.

Itís not something that I have ever heard here before but now itís happened will it act as a wake up call.

Weíre managerless, stuck at the bottom of the league with a scratch team, and now the fans are fed up with our Conference mentality.

We look to be in a worse state now than when Jan Molby came back to Aggborough just over one year ago.

Now heís left, where does it leave us?  No money, no points and an injury ravaged squad.  Shaun Cunnington hasnít got much to work with and no leeway to bring new players in because all our loans are almost used up.

We really need to get behind the team starting this weekend against Boston.

A terrible week for us after we lost to both Bristol Rovers and Chester City.   No goals scored and five let in.

Can we stop the rot against Shrewsbury on Saturday?  We'll have to do it without Captain Fantastic, Wayne Hatswell, so our chances are minimal unless new boy James Keene starts to repeat his Pompey performances.

At least we don't have to face the suspended Luke Rodgers.

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The goals had to come and when they did, they did so in style.  The first time we score more than once is three against a very useful Scunthorpe side.

Ok, we let in two soft goals as our defence went into meltdown, but it was still a fine way to get off the bottom.

Jesper Christiansen silenced his critics in midfield, and Jan must surely now keep him there for the games against Bristol Rovers and Chester.

There is only one way to describe the season for us so far.  Dire!
And the direst display came at Lincoln on Saturday.

We maintained our average of one shot on goal per game in the first half, but the second was just an embarrassment and stunk of Sunday parks football.

Fans reckon time is running out for Jan Molby, but the boards blind faith in awarding him a new contract can only hasten our return to the Conference.

At last we looked something like a team against Cambridge, though it was a cruel blow to see us robbed of a win in the last minute.

That strike was their only attempt during the entire game and effectively prevented us from leapfrogging them in the table.  As it was, we stay bottom.

Lincoln this weekend and, against a team yet to win at home, we should have a good chance of all three points.

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We're back at the bottom and it's getting desperate for us now.

The lads didn't get one shot on target at Southend and rarely ventured out of our own half.  We played with a handful of strikers at Bristol Rovers but still didn't threaten to score.

It's all a matter of confidence, but until we start scoring we won't get any.  Without any confidence we won't find the net.

Catch 22 anyone?

A win at last and also a first sighting of Iyseden Christie.

Despite having a girth like Benny the Ball, he came on against Macc Town and changed the game.

He almost knocked their keepers head off with one attempt and put himself about so much that Macc were ready to give in and wave the white flag.

Southend next week and a chance to see if Drewe Broughton is still as bad as Shrimpers fans seem to think he is.

Saturday's game against Swansea saw a classic example of this seasons poor refereeing standards, with the man in black deciding to allow play to continue despite our keeper and defender lying stone cold on the floor with head injuries.

It was ok once the Swans had scored into an unguarded net, they could have some treatment then.

John Danby had a broken nose and swollen cheek, with four stitches needed to another head injury suffered later on.

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Our woes continued with a fourth straight defeat at home to the Orient.

Molby tried a change of striker with the on loan Langmead but if he doesn't get any service he won't score any goals will he.

Jans' new formation of 2-4-3-1, 3-2-4-1, 4-4-1 or whatever it's supposed to be is not working and the sooner we have two strikers up front the better.

That should start at Swansea this Saturday and we might then come home with at least a point.

What fun that Bank Holiday was.

No goals for and six against.

We seemed totally lacking in ideas against Wycombe and Bury and the players looked knackered.  It's only four weeks into the season so they surely can't be exhausted yet.

It's another tough one at home to the Orient on Saturday so lets hope the lads can restore the faith amongst the Aggborough faithful.

As expected we lost at Mansfield but it's not the end of the world.

Despite new signing Stuart Roberts' goal, we still need more firepower up front.
Christiansen is never going to score a shed-load and Christie is still a few games away from being fit.

We still have the financial scope to bring in more players so how about another striker Jan?  After all you can never have too many.

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Unbeaten so far this season, up to sixth place in the table, and our defence has held firm to keep clean sheets in all three games.

Plymouth are the only other club in the Coca Cola Leagues not to have let in a goal.

The prime reason for our good record is the superb goalkeeping of John Danby.   This youngster must be one of the best keepers in the League and we fully expect the big clubs to come sniffing soon.

I'll shut up now before they hear me.

We've got the first game of the season out of the way and come back from Rushden with a draw and last night we did the same against Notts County.

The players Jan Molby has bought in all look to be the bee's knees and I can now see a decent kind of season for us.

I had doubts about the squad last week but we have gone from a bare bones fourteen up to a healthy twenty one and now have strength in depth.

Early days but there's a more confident feeling around Aggborough now.

It's been quiet at Aggborough this Summer, too quiet.

We're just two weeks away from the start of the new season and have just fourteen contracted players.

It looks like we're paying the price of being too tight with our purse strings and available players won't come here because of the meagre rewards.

Jan's missed out on all the best buys that have now got contracts with other clubs.

It could be a long and unrewarding season for Kidderminster Harriers.

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