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This is the page where you can tell the world why you support the Harriers.

You could be supporting the Wolves, Villa, Blues or the Baggies (or in my case Coventry City) but no, you would rather follow the Reds.

Over land and sea you follow your beloved team (well, up and down the M6/M5)

Through hell and high water you go to watch Steve Burrs Barmy Army strut their stuff on the stage that is their destiny, the Blue Square Premier.

The hope that one day we may get the chance to show the likes of Manchester Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Leeds how to play football.

Until that day dawns then take this chance to tell the world why you support the Harriers.

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Harriers very own Dave
updated again:16-08-04
Age: 18
Where do you live?: Stourport
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I used to support Man Utd.

Everyone kept calling me a glory hunter and I saw Kidderminsters result one day in the Conference and thought I will go and see what they are like, it was also only a pound to get in so I went along with my cousin and a few more friends.

Now I sell programmes at Aggborough so I suppose they technically own me but that's no bad thing.
First game?: My first game was ages ago but the first game I actually remember was when we played, I think it was, either Welling or Woking and we won 4-1.
Mike Marsh and Ian Foster were among the scorers, I think that was when Thomas Skovbjerg had his injury.

After that game I thought the atmosphere was brilliant and it was good value as I could afford it on the kids for a quid scheme.

It was better going to watch and support a team like the Harriers than waiting for the BBC to tell you if Man U had won or not.
And then wait until about 11 o'clock to see the goals.

From then on I was a Harrier.
Most memorable game?: The most memorable game was Rushden in the Conference, 2-0, Ian Foster scored a penalty and Andy Brownrigg got the 2nd.

What we would give for that again I also loved cheeking the Rushden fans fans and throwing burgers and other such things.

I think Jan Molby's return with Hull was also a memorable one, its the loudest I had heard Aggborough for a while.

Also away at Yeovil last Boxing Day was another one, a great result but when its monsoon weather for 45 minutes and you are on an open top terrace, you don't really appreciate the win at the time.
Least memorable game?: My least memorable game would have to be the FA Cup game against Carlisle, in fact any games we played Carlisle, we could never do well against them.

We had already lost once to them that season and I thought the way in which we approached the game was disgraceful.  I prefer not to talk about it.

Favourite present player?: I like the whole team at the moment, everyone does their bit, a very good team at the minute.
But for me, Ian Foster - legend, quick, passionate, lots of energy, always gives his all for the club, an all round decent player.

The other contender would be Dean Keates.  I think he is a great midfielder and we are lucky to have got him for free.
Favourite past player?: Lots.  Mike Marsh, he made our Conference winning side and was an inspiring captain.
I also liked Ian Bogie.  I thought it was a shame he left because he seemed to be getting into the flow of things when he left.

Adam Murray, I was sad to see him go and I also liked Sean Parrish.  I thought he was good but my favourite player to pull on a Harriers shirt was Drewe Broughton, I know he wasn't everyone's favourite but I just thought he gave his all and deserved so much more credit than he got.
Least favourite present player?: I don't have one, I think everyone in the squad does Kidderminster Harriers proud.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne has to be given a mention, Matt Gadsby was just poor really.

Dean Bennett was probably the most frustrating but I wouldn't say I didn't like him, he was just frustrating to watch at times.
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand. The greatest stand in the whole ground.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Thierry Henry probably, we could do with a prolific goalscorer and he would be a pleasure to watch.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To have an atmosphere like the Hull match, every game, have a full house every match and and just to be as successful as we can and hope that the club stays in a financially secure state and we dont end up the way the likes of Rushden and Leeds have or even Telford etc.
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Age: 18
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: They were the first team I ever went to see and after going to watch Villa play the feeling wasn't the same, it just had to be Harriers!
I've been hooked ever since and now I have a part-time job I have been going to all home and away matches.

Season ticket holder for 6 years.
First game?: I'm sure it was against Altrincham in the 93/94 season.

Can't remember the score though, it was so long ago.
Most memorable game?: Lots spring to mind but it would have to be when we thrashed Rushden at Aggborough.

A very special moment.
Least memorable game?: Any of the matches we have played against Carlisle.

They've all been awful!
Favourite present player?: Tony Bird.
A very hardworking player who I look up to for his attitude towards his fitness.
Favourite past player?: Ian Olney.
He was a class above everyone else.
Had some fantastic touches and he read the game very well.
Least favourite present player?: Stewart Hadley.
He's absolutely bloody useless. Lazy, arrogant shite.
Least favourite past player?: Barry "The Crab" Horne.
Money grabbing tosser.
Where do you sit/stand?: At the back of the North stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Jose Chilavert.
A proven goalscorer and a fantastic keeper!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Short term - To improve our shocking away record and gain some consistency in both playing and fans.

Long term (dream) - To end up as a sustainable club in the Premiership!!!
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Age: 42
Where do you live?: Moseley
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Moved to the area in the mid-1980s.
Decided to follow Harriers in FA Trophy and see how far they got - which was Wembley and the Hawthornes of course.
Following season went to all home matches and began to descend into depths of obsession.
First game?: Worcester City in 85 or 86.
Evening News Cup? 3-2 to Worcester.
Most memorable game?: Blues in the FA Cup.
Thought I was going to have a heart attack at one point.
Least memorable game?: The really bad ones - 5-0 at Forest Green, losing in a cup replay at Sutton, the FA Trophy game at Colne - are actually too bloody memorable so I guess any of the tedious 0-0 games of recent times.
Favourite present player?: After the York match tempted to say Abdou Sall but just to piss everyone off I'd go for Super Stewart Hadley.
I know he's not all that good but someone has to like him.
Favourite past player?: Hmmm...Paul Davies, Graham Mackenzie, Kim Casey, Richard Forsyth, Delwyn Humphreys, Lee Hughes, Mike Marsh? No it's just got to be John Deakin.
That man could really take a corner. And his hair was always immaculate.
Also big it up for Mark Yates - a top geezer.
Least favourite present player?: Not keen on Drewe Broughton. Not very bright, should score a lot more goals but I guess he's the best we've got up front.
Andy Ducros looks piss-poor to me. Tony Bird's never going to make it either.
Least favourite past player?: No question! Mark Whitehouse. What a w***er! Or possibly Colin Gordon.
Is he Drewe Broughton's agent these days?
Where do you sit/stand?: Behind the goal at the town end.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: John Deakin. We really miss those corners.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: That we stay in the Football League this year and do a bit better next season.
That our fans learn some new songs and stop being beastly to Graham Allner when he comes with Cheltenham - if it wasn't for the ferret where would we be now eh?
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Paul (not Paul)
Age: 35
Where do you live?: Stourbridge
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: My wife-to-be and I wanted to watch good football at a reasonable price and in a friendly atmosphere.
We had been to Villa a few times, but it was too expensive and a bit depressing.
We started coming down after Harriers beat Birmingham City in the FA Cup.
First game?: Can't be exactly sure, but I think it was against Welling - Harriers won 3-0.
Most memorable game?: Against Stevenage on a Tuesday night about 4 seasons ago (possibly the season Stevenage won the title).
Again, won 3-0. Boro' had their keeper sent off in the first half, and we had them on the run for the whole game.
Lee Hughes scored a last minute goal after rounding the keeper.
Least memorable game?: Can't remember, obviously.
Favourite present player?: Ian Foster.
Favourite past player?: Delwyn Humphreys.
Least favourite present player?: Not going to answer that.
Least favourite past player?: Or that.
Where do you sit/stand?: Town End.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Lord knows.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Realistically, to hold our own in the league, and at least get in to the play-offs.
A couple of good cup runs would be nice.
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Jono Smith
Age: 23
Where do you live?: Manchester
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: My Dad started taking me when I was six, to sit in the old main stand.
I learnt to love football and I learnt to love my little local team.
The fact that we were always pretty good helped too!
First game?: First game I remember was Stafford Rangers in 1988.
We lost 3-2.  Think I'd been taken to some of the big Welsh Cup games before that though.
Most memorable game?: Birmingham away - FA Cup 1994.  What a day!  What a performance!
To go the second biggest city in the country, play in front of 20000 and win was just amazing!
I don't think we'll repeat anything like that again, although we obviously went close with Wolves.
Next most memorable game would be the 2000 Rushden & Diamonds game for sheer importance and significance.
Least memorable game?: Losing up at Gateshead on the final day of the 1996/97 season.
Kettering succumbed to Macclesfield and we were runners-up.
And it was Lee Hughes' last game!
Favourite present player?: Not many have been around long enough to choose!
I hope Adam Murray stays with us and matures into a class act in this league.
Favourite past player?: Lee Hughes - sheer class.
Of the longer-serving players I'll go for 'you'll never beat Chris Brindley!'
Least favourite present player?: errr.... I love them all!  Have reservations about Abdou Sall (again) but hope he proves me wrong.
Least favourite past player?: Anyone crap.
Where do you sit/stand?: Back to the North Terrace for me.
Near people who like to shout hopefully.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: A goalscorer - Ruud van Horselroy or Terry Henry please.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Survive in the league.
And for 1000+ people from Wyre Forest to find out where Aggborough is.
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Welsh Harrier
Age: 25
Where do you live?: Aberdare -South Wales
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I grew up with them - my dad took me along years ago as it was closer than his team of Bristol City.
First game?: That I can remember was the F.A Trophy replay at the Hawthorns when Harriers won 2-1....Crap game until the last 20 mins!
Most memorable game?: Couldn't make the Birmingham game - so it would have to be the Rushden match that won us the League.
What a feeling to be in that atmosphere which was simply awesome.
Least memorable game?: Bromsgrove - away about 6 years ago on Boxing Day.
Everybody that went will know what I mean!!!!
Jay Powell at left back...3 nil up at half time...dear oh dear...
Favourite present player?: Adie Smith - always in the right place at the right time, no-one works harder.
Favourite past player?: Kim Casey - top bloke on and off the field.
Least favourite present player?: Andy Ducros - most expensive flop ever...come on Andy - put your back into it at least.
Least favourite past player?: Jay Powell - Allner...why????
Where do you sit/stand?: Behind the goals.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Steven Gerrard - never stops working - always committed, could show a few of our players a thing or 3.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: That someone puts money into the club WITH Lionel Newton - and it can be used to get a promotion winning side.
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Age: 16
Where do you live?: Stourport
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: When I first saw them, they were doing well.
I went often and I've stuck with them ever since.
I never really had a favourite football team until the Harriers.
First game?: Boxing Day 1996 V Bromsgrove Rovers.
The kick-off was put back 1 hour because the pitch was frozen.
It was freezing and we lost 2-1 in front of 6000. Lee Hughes scored.
Most memorable game?: Either the Rushden game on 8th April 2000, Woking away when we won the league or Torquay in our first Football League game.
All were important and special games.
Least memorable game?: In the Spalding Cup against Hednesford Town in 1997.
We lost 2-0 and were poor that night. Only 700 turned up.
Favourite present player?: Craig Hinton - consistent and a superb defender.
I also like Dean Bennett and Danny Williams. Sam Shilton is also impressing at the moment.
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh, most influential player I have ever seen at the club.
Lee Hughes and Marcus Bignot are not too far behind.
Least favourite present player?: Andy Ducros, he has bags of talent and potential but he hardly uses it, never consistent and lazy.
Least favourite past player?: Nigel Niblett gets my vote, we sold Chris Brindley and replaced him with Niblett who was rubbish.
Barry Horne is another one I never used to like, as were Jim Skelding, Steve Taylor and Stewart Hadley.
Where do you sit/stand?: Stand in the North Stand/Town End, behind the goal - what ever people call it.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: We need a consistent goalscoring forward so I'll go for Ronaldo!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Reach the playoffs and get promoted, replacing Cheltenham who will come back down this season!
Also, for the people and businesses/companies in the local area to support us.
For at least 3000 people behind the Harriers in the home games.
For noisier atmosphere and for larger away support.
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Ant Connolly
Age: 39
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Because I live here, you have to support your local team.
I have a fondness for Harriers that stems back from the old Southern league days.
First game?: Really can't remember, it might have been someone like Stourbridge in the Southern League.
I remember there being a crowd of about 300. I was sat on the old cycle/running track on the cowshed side, leaning against the old white wall on a sunny September afternoon.
Does anyone remember our first scoreboard? the wooden one where the town end stand is now. I think I only ever saw it used once.
Most memorable game?: Hmmmm this is difficult. There are so many good ones.
I think I'll plump for Fareham at the Dell in the FA Trophy Semi-Final.
A tight draw at home which had everyone wondering if we could do it down there.
What a performance we produced and what a crowd we took, the atmosphere was just fantastic.
I was behind the goal packed in to a small area with the rest of the fans.
Least memorable game?: Blackpool away last year. Probably the worst performance I can ever remember by a Harriers side.
Favourite present player?: It has to be Dean Bennett. I rate him so highly.
Favourite past player?: Delwyn Humphreys...he used to terrorise defences.
I would like to mention if I can, the vastly under rated Graham McKenzie...he could produce some stunning passes.
Least favourite present player?: None...I don't like to slag off players too much.
Least favourite past player?: None.
Where do you sit/stand?: Town end stand normally.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Andy Cole...people never give him enough credit for what he does for United's front line...not just scoring.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Just to become an exciting well respected 3rd division club right now.
To be like we were in the Conference...capable of winning the big games and to have teams fearing to come to Aggborough.
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Age: 17
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I came to the ground to watch a particular player because I heard he played well for his former club.
First game?: 1st game was Kidderminster v Blackpool.
We lost 4-1.
Most memorable game?: Every game is memorable.
Least memorable game?: The game against Preston when Tony Bird scored 2 goals and was man of the match!
Favourite present player?: Tony Bird without a doubt!
Favourite past player?: Not sure.
Least favourite present player?: Don't know.
Least favourite past player?: Don't have one!
Where do you sit/stand?: Depends.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Sign Roger Freestone from Swansea City.
Best keeper in 3rd division.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: To get to the play-offs and for Jan Molby to have Tony Bird in his line up all the time!!!
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Age: 30
Where do you live?: Cambridge
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Family moved there when Dad left the Army.
Good football at a good price.
First game?: Fisher Athletic 1-1 (1988)
Most memorable game?: FA Trophy final v Wycombe, good game wrong result, fans did town proud.
Highest attendance record still stands.
Least memorable game?: Shrewsbury this year, total pants.
Favourite present player?: Adie Smith.
Favourite past player?: Delwyn Humphreys.
Least favourite present player?: None.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne.
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Harry Kewell - speaks for itself.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Hold their own in the league, establish themselves as a good footballing side.
Like we did in the Conference.
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Nicki the Spike
Age: 16
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Because I live here, also my dad (Ant Connolly) took me up now and then since I was about 4 and I got a season ticket 2 seasons ago.
First game?: Too long to remember, but the first game I do remember is Rushden in the Conference.
We beat them 2-0 and they missed a penalty. I laughed! One problem - I was in the Cow Shed.

Tee hee
Most memorable game?: I think it was Forest Green when we got the promotion and there was fireworks and the team ran and skidded along the floor into the net!
It was ace!

I was proud to be a Harriers supporter
Least memorable game?: Definitely Shrewsbury away 2001!
Shrewsbury scored before we even got into the ground! We went on to lose an embarrassing 4-0!
Favourite present player?: Not exactly favourite but I think he is doing a great job. Colin Larkin.

Also I think Craig Hinton always has a good performance!
Favourite past player?: Mike Marsh, it's such a shame he couldn't follow the glory up into League 2 with us!
Least favourite present player?: I can't think of anyone.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne, he only ever done one good thing for us and that was a great goal.
Nothing else since.
He played like a crab and looked like a monkey!
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand (of course! people sing)
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Michael Owen because although he has an annoying injury he always manages to score when he's there, he's unstoppable!
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: My hopes for the Harriers are play offs.
I think they can make it and hope they wind up at a good place in the table at the end of the season.
Promotion is too much for us at the moment.
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Peter Plus
Age: 41
Where do you live?: Altrincham
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Not lived there for a long time but it'll always be my home town.
First game?: 1970 FA Cup replay against Brighton.
Remember the Wassall brothers, Brendan and Peter, and Kit Napier.

(That was my first game too...Phil)
Most memorable game?: First league game against Torquay.
An historical occasion - as the Captain said!
Least memorable game?: Carlisle last season in FA Cup.
Victory would have resulted in a home tie for us against Arsenal.
Might never get so close again in my lifetime.
Favourite present player?: Craig Hinton.
Boring and predictable I know but he is a class player.
Favourite past player?: Ian Bogie.
Different class. Treated shoddily by Harriers.
Least favourite present player?: Daire Doyle.
Least favourite past player?: Barry Horne.
Didn't put the effort in.
Where do you sit/stand?: Cowshed.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Michael Owen.
Just how many goals a game would he get in div 3?
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Realistically to survive reasonably comfortably in the League.
We have massively over-achieved in getting into the League at all.
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Age: 46
Where do you live?: Bromyard
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: I lived on Comberton, could hear the shout when Harriers scored, see the floodlights for night matches, so was drawn to the ground.
First game?: Um, first I remember was beating a Black Country team by 8 goals.
Rivalry with Worcester was the big thing during those days.
Most memorable game?: Harriers v Birmingham City.
Jon Purdie's goal.
The elation after.
The curry.
Least memorable game?: Harriers at Bromsgrove, Christmas, 3-0 up at half time, lost 4-3.
Favourite present player?: Craig Hinton, best centre half ever (sorry Chris Brindley).
Favourite past player?: There's only one Peter Wassall.
Least favourite present player?: Stewart Hadley, I reserved my opinion for too long.
Least favourite past player?: Leroy May scored our greatest goal v Hereford, did not try to fulfill immense potential.
Where do you sit/stand?: North Stand.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Lee Hughes.
It's obvious why.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Premier League.
If you aim for gold, you might get silver, if you don't have high expectations, you get nothing.

Plus a 100% positive crowd, free of some of the whingers that have dogged us for at least 38 years.
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Age: 16
Where do you live?: Kidderminster
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Why not?! I've always supported the Harriers through thick and thin in the Conference, but now I hope we can start sailing up through the Football League and on to great things.
First game?: Vs Stalybridge Celtic in the Conference in 1992.
We won 2-1, but I can't remember who scored.
I've hardly missed a home game since the start of the following season, and enjoyed many, many away ones.
Most memorable game?: Definitely Birmingham 1-2 Harriers in the 3rd round of the FA Cup (1993/94).
To go there as a non-league club, and win, was absolutely superb.
I'll never forget the moment that Jon Purdie let fly, you just knew it had beaten the keeper straight away.

It was a season to remember.
Least memorable game?: The 5-0 FA Trophy defeat at Hayes a few years ago sticks in the mind.
Arnie (Ian Arnold) missed a penalty for us when it was 0-0 or 1-0 and it just went downhill from then on.
Favourite present player?: I'd probably say Scott Stamps, as he gives 110% every week and rarely has a bad game.
He is an unsung hero.
The others who I'd mention are Danny Williams, Andy Ducros (when he plays!), Dean Bennett and Drewe Broughton.
Favourite past player?: Too many to mention!
Lee Hughes for what he has achieved since, but at the time, players like Delwyn Humphreys, Jon Purdie, Neil Doherty and Mike Marsh are the ones I would single out.
Least favourite present player?: I hate to say any of them but I often feel that Parfait Medou-Otye is a liability.
Least favourite past player?: Recently, it's Barry Horne.
There's been many in the past but I won't go into detail.
Where do you sit/stand?: Town End (North Stand).
Where else?!
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Someone creative in the midfield and a proven goalscorer upfront.

Alan Shearer in his prime would have been an ideal signing, as would Zinedine Zidane now.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: I think Harriers are capable of being a Second division club.
I really hope they avoid relegation from the league at all costs in the future, as it's a hard nut to crack on the way back up.

It'd be nice to have a consistent capacity crowd, like Brighton, up at Aggborough as well.
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Age: 43
Where do you live?: Acton, Nr.Ombersley
Why Kidderminster Harriers?: Moved to Kidderminster with parents about 1974 and decided to watch the occasional game at Aggborough.

The rest is history.
First game?: Memory not good enough, but was back in the days when promotion to what is now the Conference, was our goal.
Most memorable game?: Birmingham away in the F.A. Cup closely followed by Welsh Cup final against Wrexham, brilliant atmosphere at both.

Jon Purdies goal was a screamer and I would love a video of the match.
Least memorable game?: Has to be that game mentioned earlier against Bromsgrove when 0-3 half-time lead turned into 4-3 defeat and could have been worse.
Favourite present player?: Craig Hinton, he's just sheer brilliance at this level.
Favourite past player?: Marcus Bignot, believe it or not, I thought he would make it bigtime but hasn't as yet.
Least favourite present player?: Sam Shilton, he hasn't shown any real talent as yet, I hope he does, his dad was a real favourite of mine as an ex Forest supporter.
Least favourite past player?: Like most people I have to choose the one and only Barry Horne, sheer crap.
Where do you sit/stand?: North stand, left of goal when looking onto pitch, near the back.
If you could sign anyone for the Harriers, who would it be and why?: Richie Zamora, brilliant at this level and almost certainly higher.
What are your hopes for the Harriers?: Steady progress up the leagues with a stable financial background so that we can stay there.

I believe the crowds will come if we have a little success.
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